“Unique Mount Emei” Premiered: Creating a “Drama Land” on Mount Emei

Performance scene of the “Unique Mount Emei”
 on theater

In the original and old village, including the large-scale outdoor theater, tourists watch performances while walking. They walk through the “Clouds” and roam about the “Heaven” and the “Earth” to feel the nostalgia of traditional Chinese culture … The “Unique Mount Emei”, a new work of Wang Chaoge, was premiered on Mount Emei during the opening ceremony of the 6th Sichuan International Travel Expo on the evening of September 6.

udience watch the show on stage

actor and one of the audiences take a  photo before entering the theater

The “Unique Mount Emei”, with the themes of “Over the Cloud”, “In the Cloud” and “Under the Cloud”, is a breakthrough from traditional drama performance modes which include “indoor performances” and “watching while seated”. The theater is integrated harmoniously with surrounding original villages, enabling the audience walk from indoor to outdoor to watch the performance. The situational experience theater “Over the Cloud” includes 6 major spaces which permit the audience to watch while walking. They travel to different spaces and experience different stories like looking down at the earth from over the cloud. “In the Cloud” is set in a garden scene. Clouds are made of white gravels and spray and tiles forming roofs. Actors walk through clouds drifting over the roofs and appear before the audience. “Under the Cloud” is set in the real village. Here, the audience is immersed in stories of life and nostalgia.

Performance of
porters on Mount Emei

Performance scene

It is known that under the “Unique Mount Emei” project a large-scale outdoor theater was built on an area of 78,000 square meters with old villages at the lower part of Mount Emei retained. Among them, the “Under the Cloud” scene was built by transforming the site of an old relocated village, keeping 27 yards, 48 houses, 395 rooms and 4,355 old objects. Among bricks, tiles, streets and lanes, the history, culture, cultural stories, folk customs and other elements of Mount Emei are blended to become scenes and performances, arousing the sympathy of tourists. (Photo by Li Tao from XinhuaNet.com)

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