Creative Biolabs Releases One-stop Lentiviral Vector Construction Services

New York, US, September 12, 2019 With years of efforts and exploration in the gene therapy field, Creative Biolabs releases brand-new one-stop lentiviral vector construction services, covering Lentiviral Vector Optimization Service, Lentiviral Vector Titration Service, and Safety Determination of Lentiviral Vector.


The safe and efficient gene delivery vehicles are fundamental factors for a successful gene therapy, in which viral vehicles are the most commonly used carriers for delivering DNA on account of their high efficiency and safety. Lentiviruses is known for its ability to infect proliferating and quiescent cells and strong neural stem cell tropism, widely used for ex vivo gene transfer in the central nervous system, with neither obvious immune response nor unnecessary side effect. Therefore, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive lentiviral vectors services for basic research and preclinical applications, including optimization, titration, and safety determination services.


1 Lentiviral Vector Optimization Services

The advanced lentiviral vector optimization platform established by diligent scientists at Creative Biolabs offers a series of high-quality service covering Glycoprotein Optimization of Lentiviral Vector, Ligand-retargeted Lentiviral Vector Service, Tissue-specific Promoter-Regulated Lentiviral Vectors Service, miRNA-regulated Lentiviral Vectors Service, and Optimization of Bicistronic Lentiviral Vector Service. Through glycoprotein optimization, lentiviral vectors targeting various cells are pseudotyped using glycoproteins from the rabies virus. The exclusive ligand-retargeted platform helps improve the targeting specificity in numerous cell types, by which the interaction of receptor-ligand proteins is used for cell-specific targeting of lentiviral vectors. For Tissue-specific Promoter-Regulated Lentiviral Vectors Service, two lentiviral vectors are designed based on CD40L proximal promoter to treat X-linked hyper-immunoglobulin M syndrome (HIGM1) in animal models. And bicistronic lentiviral vector optimization services can identify proteins of interest by various detectable markers.


2 Lentiviral Vectors Titration Service

Viral titer determination plays a significant role in the quality assessment for lentivirus-based basic research and preclinical application, providing an accurate reference data for therapeutic dosing of patients. Nonfunctional (physical titer) and functional titration (infectious titer) are two commonly used lentiviral vectors titration methods in gene therapy. Creative Biolabs can provide nonfunctional titration methods including detection of expressed virus proteins (such as p24) or their transcripts using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), assessment of the reverse transcriptase (RT) activity and determination of the genomic RNA concentration in vector preparations by semi-quantitative northern blotting, dot blot analysis or real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). And the functional titration methods will permit detection of integrated proviral DNA, transgene mRNA or protein expression levels in target cells.



3 Safety Determination of Lentiviral Vector Service

Due to the virus natures of lentiviral vector, the safety standards for clinical applications could be as much as strict. Creative Biolabs has established a panel of assays to evaluate the safety of numerous lentiviral vectors, such as HIV-1 based lentivirus vector evaluation assay and non-human lentivirus vectors evaluation assay. Meanwhile, a number of detection systems are prepared to estimate the pharmacodynamics and biosafety of lentiviral vectors.


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About Creative Biolabs

As a global company, Creative Biolabs has more than 200 talented and well-trained scientists located in different continents working closely with partners from the entire world to develop and produce medicines of tomorrow. With years of experience in providing one-stop preclinical development service, Creative Biolabs has built a team of expertise of solid knowledge of gene therapy, and we are fully competent in providing services for our clients. The services include but are not limited to delivery vehicles development, potency tests, safety and toxicology analysis, solutions of specific gene therapy development for diseases.

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