Asian exchange: redefining the exchange’s ecology to create the world’s top trading platform

The times are developing and technology is improving. The illusion of the future is becoming a reality, and experiments in the laboratory are entering people’s daily lives. In the face of the impact of digitalization, many companies are aware of the importance of change. But it is never easy to achieve an upgrade and transformation. Deng Junjie, the new chairman of Asia Television, recently announced that he will set up the Asian Digital Assets Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the “Asian Exchange”) to enter the blockchain field and reshape the new exchanges to help enterprises upgrade and transform.

The digital age has arrived

Facebook released the Libra White Paper on June 18, 2019. As soon as the news came out, Libra, the cryptocurrency, became a hot topic of discussion around the world. In fact, Libra’s encryption technology, blockchain technology, has already appeared. The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was born a decade ago. In the past ten years, under the leadership of Bitcoin, there have been many digital currencies and tokens.

On July 18, 2019, the Hangzhou Internet Court conducted a second trial of a bitcoin dispute. The court held that although the plaintiff’s claim that the defendant’s infringement was insufficient, the legal status of Bitcoin as a virtual asset should be affirmed. The digital currency exchange Bakkt, which was established by the upcoming US Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), is a platform dedicated to providing virtual currency transactions. Its establishment marks the encouragement and support of the US government and regulatory authorities for virtual currency.

Digital assets represented by cryptocurrencies have been valued by more and more countries and governments. It is foreseeable that the future of money and assets will be digitized, and the digital financial era has arrived. In the process of digitization, traditional enterprises can only find a way out by changing their thinking. In this regard, the government encourages traditional enterprises to boldly innovate, and combines emerging technologies represented by the Internet and big data, as well as new management models and financial models to achieve the transformation and transformation of traditional enterprises.

In this context, Deng Junjie, as a traditional industry entrepreneur, actively conforms to the trend of the times, uses its own resource advantages, and combines blockchain technology to establish a digital asset trading platform, the Asian Stock Exchange (ATOP).

Ingenuity to create a digital asset trading platform

In the early years, Deng Junjie had been operating in the Mainland. In the past ten years, he has set up a number of capital institutions in the financial sector, and has made remarkable achievements in capital operations such as investment, mergers and acquisitions. After becoming bigger and stronger, Deng Junjie did not forget his initial heart, persisted in his dreams, and always paid attention to the development of traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprises. He has been looking for a path of combining traditional enterprises with digital finance.

About three years ago, Deng Junjie came into contact with digital currency, and then he became interested in the blockchain and formed a deep understanding that the blockchain will lead the future technological innovation, and the digital currency will be rebuilt. Financial order. But the most worthwhile direction is to build a platform. Just as Alibaba’s entire group has achieved the Internet giant with its Taobao online shopping platform, Deng Junjie decided to build a digital asset trading platform.

Based on this, Deng Junjie began to prepare for the construction of the platform. First, a technical team was formed in Singapore, where the digital currency market is relatively open. Secondly, it has reached a strategic cooperation with a Singapore company to activate the domain name, which the latter has purchased at a high price, and is short for the Asian Stock Exchange. Furthermore, improve the business and operations team and open up the global market.

Up to now, ATOP’s infrastructure work has been completed, and has obtained relevant business licenses in some countries and regions. In addition, it has reached a preliminary consensus with many companies and project parties, and will cooperate in various fields in the future.

As a brand new existence, the Asian Exchange (ATOP) has formed a mature operating system. In the future, it will be open to all listed companies and high-quality projects around the world, providing one-stop service for listed companies’ online money, helping enterprises realize digitalization of assets and create a digital ecological chain.

What is the Asian Exchange (ATOP)?


The Asian Exchange is also referred to as ATOP, and is also the domain name of the Asian Stock Exchange ( Like ATV’s abbreviation ATV, A represents Aisa, excellent, and TOP means top. ATOP is the meaning of a world-class exchange.

The Asian Exchange (ATOP) is a digital asset trading platform that will use blockchain encryption technology to help listed companies realize asset digitization and walletization. The digital currency on the ATOP (ATOP) will be anchored with the shares of listed companies, and investors will be able to make real-time trading investments in the digital currency of listed companies on the ATOP platform.

In the case of listed companies, after digitizing assets, they can satisfy the diversified trading needs of investors and at the same time create a digital ecological chain that is conducive to the development of enterprises. For investors, they can participate in the investment transactions of listed companies’ digital currencies, and they can use encryption wallets to protect users’ personal privacy.

The Asian Exchange (ATOP) is based in Hong Kong, where the financial industry is prosperous, facing Asia and competing for the world. As one of the international financial centers and the largest financial trading center in Asia, Hong Kong has an open market environment, abundant financial resources and convenient location advantages. The population of Asia is about 4.4 billion, and the number of digital currency investors is also very large. There are thousands of digital currency trading platforms and digital currencies around the world, but none of the exchanges provide digital assets for listed companies, and none of them are issued by traditional listed companies.

The Asian Exchange (ATOP) was born in the wave of the rise of digital currency, but the wave was filled with bubbles. In the current digital currency market, there are various kinds of air coins and zero-coin. Investors pay little attention to become cut amaranth, and what the ATOP will do is to use good money to drive out bad money.

As an open digital ecosystem, the Asian Exchange (ATOP) will help more traditional enterprises to achieve upgrading through asset digitization. In a rapidly changing world, a small step in the Asian Exchange (ATOP) may be a big step in the financial world.

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