Resurrection (RC) has been invited to appear in Times Square in New York City

Recently, a Chinese skin care brand has been invited to appear in Times Square in New York City, which has been dominating the screen for 13 consecutive blocks without stopping from day to night, attracting the attention of numerous media and people. It was Resurrection (RC) that became fashionable for a time.

It is understood that the skin care brand founded in 2013, Resurrection (RC) is from Shanghai. It cooperates with senior Japanese R&D team and factories to gather top talents in the field of international cosmetics research. The raw materials of the products are extracted from the essence of nature by using the global advanced extraction technology, adding international patent ingredients and regulating formula thousand times for all kinds of skins are to solve various skin problems safely and effectively, to renew the skin, and to maintain a healthy and perfect skin condition.

Resurrection (RC)  had been popular with many celebrities and praised by many people for many years with a Black Diamond Multi Effect Maskas well as ranked first in the list of high-quality skin care products. In the years of decline, Resurrection (RC) gathered more high-quality resources, and invested a lot of money in the research and development of new products at the same time. Finally it returns to the public eye with the legendary brand again in 2019, what surprises it will bring to everyone?


This time, Resurrection (RC) appears on the New York Times screen to announce its return to the world. Meanwhile, it also launches this heavy new product for the world – Resurrection (RC)’s Polypep Tide Activating Toner, leading the sleep spray, simplifying the skin care concept. It contains the international patented venom peptide essence and adopts the patented technology of Japanese ultra-low molecular water structure, and the molecular size is one-thirtieth of ordinary water. It has strong permeability, improves and repairs various skin problems from the skin bottom, makes fully blossom the beauty of nature.

Contemporary professional women’s daily schedule is tight and the rest time is compressed so that daily time for skin care is even fewer. You only need a spray before going to bed for sleeping safely; the next day you wake up will still have a good skin condition. And this toner is also suitable for men who sit in front of the computer for a long time. Spray to wake up the skin can effectively control the secretion of oil and keep it fresh and comfortable.


With the support of legendary brand, Resurrection (RC) returns with this heavy new product, Polypep Tide Activating Toner, which is a brilliant continuation of the new generation, and striving to present the best quality products to the public and write industry legends.

The new product, Resurrection (RC) Polypep Tide Activating Toner has launched and will be sold around the whole world.

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