Phoera’s Extensive and Innovative Line of Cosmetics Goes Viral within Months

Phoera, a start-up cosmetics company in the United Kingdom, has made a strong start in the market, having breathed a breath of fresh air in the cosmetics market and the entire beauty industry. Their line of products is not just great; they also come highly affordable.

Their strategy of making both classic and modern makeups has created a niche for them as their customers experiment with new mixes and explore new possibilities. Their products, including Liquid Foundation, Liquid eyeshadow, and Eyeliner Gel Pencil, have gone viral as they break a major record as a new entrant into the market.

Phoera was founded to bring the best vintage and modern makeups for everyone. Whether a person is more conservative in their options or more playful, or even something in-between, the company has perfect the balancing act and have created the perfect makeups for everyone. Their extensive line of products, which are a product of years of research, promises to deliver the best feel, the best look, and the best prices. The company, which launched a few months ago, has gone viral having filled major void customers have been yearning for, for years. Their Waterproof Matte Lipstick, Velvet Liquid Matte Foundation, and Setting Powder have taken the market by storm.

The CEO of the company, in an interview with a beauty magazine, spoke of how she and her staff have had to cope with the momentum their launch has created and how their lives have been changed forever. She said, “We expected our products to succeed in the market because we did our homework. We knew what people wanted, and we worked hard to package them. But we were all surprised at the demand we got within the first few weeks of our launch. We’ve had to since then, put in more hours than when we were working on the products.” She spoke of some of the fast-moving products and how they have kept up with demand. She said, “Our Liquid Concealer and Make Up Primer has been some of the most in-demand of our products. We quickly realized that the need we anticipated was so much larger and the pain we are trying to solve for people so much deeper than we had anticipated.”

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While speaking about the overall strategy of the company, the CEO said, “Our promise is a source to the skin at the most affordable prices. We believe the customer is more than just a transaction but a person. So we treat all our customers as people, and that is why we make sure we handle everything for them. They can simply sit back, place their order, relax, and expect their makeup to be delivered to them. So whether they buy just a Body Luminizer or a full makeup kit, we treat everyone equally and extend the same quality of service to them.”

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