Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) works with the Mexican Government to change cryptocurrency laws in Mexico

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) works with the Mexican Government to change cryptocurrency laws in Mexico

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U. K. Financial Ltd. Is the process of working with the Mexican Government to change the lives of all Mexicans for the better. The key to this success is Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR). This past weekend Maya Preferred 223 officials took the first step to change Mexican law for the benefit not only for cryptocurrency but how Maya Preferred 223 can enhance the people’s lives in Mexico.

On September 7, 2019, miners from all 32 states of the Mexican Republic met in the city of Querétaro to sign their first joint agreement in more than 30 years. The main objective of this meeting was to create a united and representative mining confederation for the whole country. Once established the mining confederation will be tasked with reforming mining laws and reactivating a sector that today is mainly used by foreign multinationals, leaving small and medium level Mexican miners without resources to work.

Maya Preferred 223, through German Hugo Lopez Alday, director of the public sector of U.K. Financial Ltd., was actively involved in bringing this convention together. By bringing together all the miners of the state of Guerrero and federal level politicians with access to the National Chamber of the Deputies and the Senate, the Maya Preferred Team has been able to approach very important political and financial figures with three main objectives:

1. To reform the laws regulating financial technology companies (fintech laws).

2. To get the Mexican Government to recognize Maya Preferred 223 and use it for some social and environmental programs.

3. To consolidate the currency through banking institutions, creating alliances to facilitate access to the public for Maya Preferred 223 and cryptocurrencies in general.

This meeting was a great success and a fundamental first step to achieving these three points.

Concerning the Mexican fintech laws, the federal deputy Rosario Merlin Garcia with her advisors Donald Carranza Sanchez, David Aguilar and Anabel Real, asked Maya to start working on the proposal of said reform, with the aim of creating a legal framework that allows the use of cryptocurrencies in a safe way and in harmony with the conventional financial world.

Additionally, this reform would need to seek to strengthen the fight against money laundering through cryptocurrencies and will have to facilitate its use in creating funds for social and sustainable programs. They also pledged to meet with the Mexican Ministers of Finance and Economy and the Prime Minister as well as the director of Banxico.

To draft the best possible law, Maya Preferred will work together with the Real Silver Co (RSCO) and Amero Mexican cryptocurrency firms. The CEO of RCSO, Mrs. Rosa Isela de la Rocha, attended the convention and showed interest in working on the legal initiative.

Additionally, to help small mines that are experiencing difficulties due to insecurity or economic issues, Maya Preferred approached Senator Geovanna del Carmen Bañuelos de la Torre, who was fundamental in the development of this convention, to offer their services as an indispensable means of indirectly impacting the reform of mining law. Discussions with her will continue in the following weeks.

Regarding the second objective of U.K. Financial Ltd., to get Maya Preferred 223 recognized by the government of Mexico, the team approached the above-mentioned politicians, the deputies Claudia Yáñez Centeno y Cabrera and Beatriz Robles Gutiérrez as well as Senator Joel Pavilla Peña and representative of the Fideocomiso of Mining Development (FIFOMI) Alfredo Tirejira Guajardo. All parties showed interest in working together to make Maya Preferred 223 a currency recognized by the Mexican government and a work table will be organized in the coming weeks to reach agreements on its uses and practicality for social and environmental programs.

Finally, Maya Preferred had a long meeting with one of the main members in Latin America of the Santander Bank, Sergio Robredo Nuñez, about how banking institutions could participate in the development of their project and how they could partner to offer the financial advantages of Maya Preferred through an institution like Santander. Similarly, the talks will continue in the coming weeks.

The Maya Preferred 223 team is already working with members of the government to become an essential financial instrument in consolidating the economy of an inclusive and transparent Mexico.

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