JJW Consultancy has announced new plans for private client drive for the remainder of the financial year

After a great quarter, JJW Consultancy has commenced a global drive to gain new clients and continue the success, embarked on by the company on the previous client drive. The company has traditionally opened to new client accounts every 12 to 16 months but with the outstanding results of the last client drive & the success of the company overall, it is a perfect time for the company to expand and grow.

Mr. Christopher Miles, a representative for the company said:

“We have worked tremendously hard and have dedicated a lot of resource into ensuring that we achieve industry-leading returns for our current client base.

“The decision to embark on a new client induction program has been based on these past successes, in a relatively wild global financial environment. Even with the uncertainty in some of the markets, we are proud to have stayed on the right path for our clients, focused on the task at hand and making certain that we are fully prepared and up-to-date with any fluctuation or change to maximize returns on our investments.

“We are now welcoming new clients who are ready to take the next step in their financial journey. Our focus is to improve the financial prospects of the clients and investors we work with and continue to strive to be the leaders in our industry.”

JW Consultancy have been welcoming new private clients across the globe for the past few months. The previous private client drive has proven to be the firm’s most successful yet, with returns for the investors across the board having the highest average to date.

The incentive is to bring on board new clients that have the means and ambition to pursue their financial goals, guided by the expert team at JJW Consultancy. The latest client drive is set to run for the remainder of the financial year with medium to high net worth individuals being the main focus of the induction program. This focus is primarily due to the success rate and profit percentage returns for the High Net Worth clients.

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