Berlin-based social business launches crowdfunding campaign to produce hand-woven jackets and support indigenous Mayan communities of Guatemala

Team of 20+ experts around the world worked over a year without pay to start campaign!

Berlin – September 13, 2019 – Social business KINAM today announced the start of their crowdfunding campaign to build a competitive and sustainable textile business alongside Maya-descendant artisans from Guatemala. KINAM was founded in 2018 in Berlin by young entrepreneurs who became friends at the Quarters Co-Living-Space and created a vision for a sustainable, competitive social brand. After flying to Guatemala to shot the crowdfunding video themselves, they recruited a global team of 20+ fashion, design & startup-experts to bootstrap the company until the crowdfunding campaign.

The high-quality jackets are completely unique and personalizable with a patch of a person’s individual Mayan guardian spirit stitched on the inside. 10% of product revenues will go back to Guatemala via KINAM’s social projects, to create opportunities for the impoverished indigenous Mayan tribes. The fabric of every KINAM jacket is handwoven in ancient tradition by Maya-descendant artisans in Guatemala, masterfully created over several weeks per garment. The handweaving technique is passed down through the Mayan communities over generations to their children, to preserve traditions and tell the stories of their ancestors via the artful textile.

Despite the invaluable cultural treasures of the past, the majority of Mayan descendants in Guatemala has to live of only a few dollars per day. This situation is originating from a lack of education and missing job opportunities, as well as a limited access to the global markets. These circumstances have been the reason for many Mayan descendants to flee the country as part of the often mentioned refugee “caravan” moving from Central America to the southern border of the US. When Oshko Meija Spiegeler, who comes from German/ Mayan family, learned about this situation, he started creating the first concept of KINAM to help the Mayan communities. When he accidentally met one of his co-founders Nicolas Reitmeier at Quarters Co-Living in Berlin in 2018, they clicked in the first moments and shortly after decided to build KINAM together as an integrated social brand intended to support the Mayan communities.

The business model will help the Mayans regain control of their destiny by providing indigenous tribes opportunities for stable jobs, small-business ownership and education programs that will strengthen local communities. KINAM wants its jackets to be a symbol for conscious consumption and sustainable production, a positive alternative to today’s fast-fashion trends. The brand wants to serve as a role model for future social impact organizations by sharing best practices and training young entrepreneurs. Thereby, the company hopes to kick off an exponential improvement process, not only for the Mayans but for the startup and fashion industry as a whole.

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Making the world a better place, one jacket at a time.

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