Mobile Mike and the Iheart Family rush to assist the Bahamas after the destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian

When Hurricane Michael slammed the Florida Panhandle, he was able to coordinate all efforts from government , private and public entities and the community, unified as one.

Dozens of convoys, trucks and Florida Highway Patrol opened the path in the very busy highways to make sure the help would get to those affected, as soon as humanely possible.

As we speak, he continues being hurricane Mike, but instead of destroying, he is the driving force of one of the most challenging, current humanitarian efforts: Assisting the thousands and thousands of people in dire need in the Bahamas.

As we all know, Hurricane Dorian (one of the biggest and strongest Category 5 Hurricanes in history, with gusts of about 210 mph) brought much more than destruction and death to multiple islands in the Bahamas, where now supplies are extremely scarce, since most is imported from abroad, and also has hit the economy badly, due to the fact that most of the population works in the tourism industry and those jobs are gone for now. 
Thousands of families have lost everything they ever were able to build for generations.
The Bahamian community is suffering beyond what we imagine and Mobile Mike, with the help of his team, Luis Rosado (Director of Operations of Mobile Mike) and Bina Fink Kohl (Director of New Business Development/Public Relations), with the support of the Iheart radio family and their listeners and followers, has again succeeded in “mobilizing” all efforts for aid. 
Currently there’s 25 trailer trucks ready to leave Miami to help our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas. They are continuing to collect as many perishables, building material, tents, inflatable mattresses, sheets (as seen on the lists provided in the photographs) as possible, to continue sending help. 
Dorian left a catastrophic picture, but with the help of Mike’s Iheart listeners, his following and you, we can really make a difference, like he has always done. Please join Mobile Mike in his incredible and selfless efforts by living a life with a purpose: making people smile during his broadcasts and help to rebuilt the morale of our Bahamian friends.

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