Struggling Single Mother and New Shoes Designer Launches Its First Sneakers Donating Profits to Hurricane Dorian Relief Fundraiser in the Bahamas

The struggling single mother Bahamian designer, Shenique King, partnered with Alive Shoes to created her vision for a new shoe line she has been developing, but had many milestones due to living below poverty lines for the past four years. As a struggling designer, artist and entrepreneur she states, “I know what it feels like to lose everything and start over after experiencing Hurricane Katrina years ago in New Orleans, LA. My family did not receive much help for a longtime and it is my duty to help my family, other families and my country. It is not just about selling a sneaker, it is about giving a struggling entrepreneur a chance at success while she contributes fifty percent of her net profits towards helping others. I have $2 in my bank account and after doing Uber and Lyft for many hours and days, it has been a struggle to keep up with my current bills. If the first launched design is not successful, I will be forced to give up on yet another dream/talent while possibly becoming homeless, have to stay with a friend or relocate back home to Louisiana from Florida. No mother wants to put their child in a situation of discomfort as I have been living so all my life due to pursuing my dreams to help the world someday.”

The SKYSS line vision creates comfortable shoes for men and women in an office setting, networking environment, or after hours entertainment. The S for Shenique and KYSS (KISS) together paints the new artistic shoe line slogan “Kiss your feet in style and activate” for the business men and women in all environmental settings. If the limited edition is not to your liking, think of a friend or family member that would enjoy having a pair as a gift! There will be many more designs and styles of comfortable artistic shoes in the near future once this launch milestone has passed.

Due to the recent devastation of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, the designer immediately decided to dedicate her first design to this cause while contributing fifty percent of the net profits, after manufacturing and shipping cost, to the Hurricane Dorian relief fundraiser. As a native Bahamian, the designer resided her first two years of life on the island of Abaco, and she has many family and friends that lost everything that resides on the island of Grand Bahama. As a child, she spent most of her summers in Grand Bahama and half of her family still lives on the island.

The Limited Edition Real Italian Leather “Bahamian Style” Sneakers will be available until October 8th, 2019 with free shipping on all orders within the US and Europe. The designer’s partnering company Alive Shoes will not be able to start production without a significant amount of pre-orders. SKYSS shoe line goal is to complete one thousand orders by the end of the campaign giving the designer the ability to contribute a significant amount of the proceeds towards helping the families that are in need from this devastating natural disaster while also getting back on her feet.

The designer can be contacted at [email protected].


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