Timeless and unique artistic interpretation of artworks by Paint & Portray launched on Indiegogo

Paint & Portray churns out lovely paintings out of photographs and is ready to convert any picture into art just as per the preferred painting style of the customers. 

Paris-based Paint & Portray has recently launched a campaign on Indiegogo to support its mission to convert pictures into timeless paintings by real artists. The company is backed by 25 professional and gifted artists from 15 countries who will re-interpret photographs into paintings as per your preferred painting style.

Paint & Portray is a unit of Fitdance Avenue founded by techie and art lovers T. Elisabeth Lam and Dominique Dagois. The company is launched with the mission to develop themed online platforms committed to promoting art in the contemporary digital era.

The Paint & Portray website has been launched recently. It’s as easy as 1-2-3  to use the site to transform a picture into a painting by artists:

  • Upload your preferred picture
  • Choose reference painting style
  • Sit back while the Paint & Portray artists translate your given picture into a magical art piece

“What makes the
Paint & Portray initiative different from the conventional practice of buying a painting created by an artist is that here part of the creativity is shifted to ‘you.’ By enabling you to choose your preferred style of painting, we let you add an edge of personalization to the whole artwork that makes the entire thing even more special”, stated the founders of Paint & Portray.

“Our goal is to bring the legendary Montmartre right to your home. Montmartre occupies a major place in world art history for its amazing contributions to international art. Our artists, who will be translating your picture into paintings, are immensely active at Montmartre – the same place where greats like Picasso used to work and create  masterpieces that are famous all over the world now.”

Backed by a plethora of spectacular paintings, the Paint and Portray website allows visitors to choose from a wide range of styles for their paintings, including – caricature portrait, oil painting, ink painting as well as origami painting. From portraits to nudes to city-life to landscapes, the website caters to almost any kind of painting theme. Paint and Portray also lets its clients meet with its artists in person. 

The company caters to all kinds of painting projects, including both small gift ideas worth 50€ to large masterpieces that may go up till 1.000€ or more. On customer’s request, these paintings can be printed on various gift items such as bags, cards, and so on. 

As per the further statements of the Paint and Portray founders, the company website boasts a state of the art interactive design with an animated gallery. The site aims for a global reach and has already been translated in 4 languages by now.

Paint and Portray brings in the unique concept of ‘artistic interpretation’ of the art of your choice instead of merely ‘re-production’ of art. At present, we are looking forward to our market launch and translating our website in more languages. And that calls for a robust financial backup. Thus, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to reach the global market with success and promote classic art at its fullest.”

A portion of the funds raised will also be used for charity paintings dedicated to poor, elderly and humanitarian associations.

Backers will be rewarded with discount coupons for availing Paint and Portray services.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/paint-portray–2/x/22278794#/

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Company Name: Paint & Portray
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Country: France
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