Jonnylee Delivers All Of Himself With New Music

Jonnylee Delivers All Of Himself With New Music
Four New Singles Available Now

Jonnylee is a Virginia-based singer-songwriter with a DIY style and the drive to keep pushing forward to create music that showcases every facet of who he is; the highs and the lows. With four new singles out now, Jonnylee is perfect music to put on, relax, and recollect with.

After spending years hearing various renditions of famous songs and watching countless people spill their drinks, sometimes on him, Jonnylee hung up his career as a Karaoke DJ and started to focus on doing something more original for himself. He moved from one musical endeavor to another six years ago and in time has created some heartfelt pieces of music that comes from a personal place and showcase a myriad of artistic aspects.

Currently, Jonnylee has four new singles available for AC-playlists. The first being the haunting ’70s folk ways of “My Entire Life Now.” The folk continues in a folk meets The Doors sort of way with “Till the End of Summer,” as “Coming Out of the Shadows” showcases a sense of melancholy amidst mesmerizing vocals. Capping off this handful of new singles is his latest, “Alice.” Penned for his mother who passed, anyone who’s ever loved and lost a parent won’t be able to make it through with dry eyes.

Whether he’s taking audiences back or making them reach for a tissue, Jonnylee is delivering with his latest new crop of singles. Those interested in adding new AC music to their playlists, reviewing the music, or interviewing Jonnylee can reach out via the information provided below.

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Singer-songwriter Jonnylee dropped four beautifully crafted tracks within the past month; “Alice,” “My Entire Life Now,” “Till the End of Summer” and “Coming Out of the Shadows.” Each one is available now!







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