Carriesa releases her new EP “Blue Diaries” to the global audience

Talented songwriter and artist, Carriesa, set to thrill lovers of good music worldwide with the release of her new EP titled “Blue Diaries”

“Blue Diaries” is the latest project from the passionate and talented Carriesa Porch. The acclaimed Houston-based R&B/Soul artist aims to re-introduce herself to the music scene after taking a short break from the industry, and the album release is looking like the best possible way of reminding her fans and music lovers across the globe of her fantastic talent.

The music industry in different parts of the world has remained dynamic over the years, with several young and talented artists bringing some twists and turns to the entertainment industry in a bid to create a niche for themselves. One of such artists that have stunned the industry in recent times is Carriesa.

Carriesa embarked on her musical voyage of artistic discovery at a relatively young age, with influences from a variety of musicians and genres she listened to while growing up. She grew up in the church, and she used her talents of singing and writing to encourage, inspire and uplift others. The all-round entertainer aims to offer something different, with a unique sound that has become her signature over the years.

Blue Diaries” is a further reiteration of Carriesa’s uniqueness, featuring 6 thought-provoking songs with a superior sound quality that will leave listeners wanting for more. The album is a reflection of Carriesa’s new turn in her music career as a progressive R&B/Soul Artist, creating what has been described by some as one of her most compelling work ever. Some of the talented acts featured on the album include Kennis Clark and ChillzMuzik.

“Blue Diaries” is now available across all digital music stores for lovers of good music worldwide.

More information about “Blue Diaries” and other projects from Carriesa can be found on her website. Carriesa is also available across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

About Carriesa

Carriesa is an acclaimed Texas-based R&B/Soul Artist. Carriesa seeks to offer something different and unique to her fans by creating and performing original music with influences from the plethora of musicians and genres she grew up listening to. She has graduated from MediaTech Institute Houston with a degree in Audio Engineering.

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