Author’s new book “The Manic Poet, and His Neighbor” receives a warm literary welcome

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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

The Manic Poet, and His Neighbor: Portrait of Two Suicides by T’Lee Logan is a fascinating collection of poems that treat dark themes, following the persona in streams of consciousness and thoughts from a dark region of his mind. The distrust for the angels, the doubts about God… “some faith, some work, some death—it doesn’t matter…” indicates there is a twilight zone, a point between darkness and light, hope and despair, and the drifts of the poet’s mind are captured in a humorous, yet sarcastic style. The use of stylistic devices is impeccable and the author seems to be a master of paradox, which captures the conflicting thoughts expressed in the poetry

T’Lee Logan writes about a variety of themes, including thoughts on God and religion, the angels, spiritual darkness, suicide and death, and a lot more. The poems are filled with rhythm, but they also contain a religious symbolism that is spectacular. About God, for instance, where the poet uses a style that provokes readers to reflection. He wonders if there really is a God and uses rhetorical questions to underscore his perception. The poems are exciting, composed in a free-flowing style and with familiar diction. But the diction can be very deceptive because every word has hidden importance, a new sense, a new sound in poetry that explores the psyche of a manic.

The Manic Poet, and His Neighbor: Portrait of Two Suicides captures the wistful moments of insanity when we allow our thoughts to drift over a maze of things. There are powerful images — verbal paintings — representing the thoughts expressed in this poetry. There is a lot of beauty and light in capturing the darkness; there’s clarity and uncertainty, and there is a powerful sense of humanity and tragedy permeating each line of T’Lee Logan’s poetry.”

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