New film highlighting the impact of abortion law in Argentina launches an Indiegogo campaign

‘Abortion: My Body, Their Choice’ is an upcoming film created by pro-choice filmmakers Lucy D’Cruz & Andrew Gold, who follow a high-profile pro-lifer known by her opposition as ‘The Crazy Baby Lady’ in Argentina, where abortion is illegal. In a patriarchal, Catholic society, they go undercover to expose a fake abortion clinic, discover horrendous back-alley abortion stories and get tear-gassed by police as the country falls apart during the vote. They need funding to finish the film to show it to the world, for which they are seeking funds of £8,000 ($9888 USD) via an Indiegogo campaign.

This is not just a movie, but a movement that has the power to change the abortion law in Argentina that impacts thousands of women every year. “Whilst living in Argentina, we felt compelled to tell this story when the country finally had a senate vote to potentially change the law on abortion. What we found was shocking to the core, with fake abortion clinics set up by Catholic anti-abortionists and a male-dominated voting Senate making spurious anti-abortion claims. The pro-choicers of Argentina are now putting pressure on the Senate for another vote and we hope a worldwide distribution of this film will add pressure to give women rights over their own bodies,” said Lucy D’Cruz.

The film covers the horror stories of unwanted pregnancies and back-alley abortions in a society where abortion is illegal and the women are devoid of rights to their own bodies. The duo has made remarkable efforts traveling, buying equipment and putting themselves in dangerous situations to document the awful consequences of the law for real people. The funds raised from the Indiegogo campaign will help them in completing the crucial post-production stage and distributing the finished film to festivals. In turn, this will help them spread a message of inclusivity and freedom.


Lucy D’Cruz is a filmmaker and director with a passion for storytelling. She has worked around the world, producing and editing for several broadcasters such as BBC, Fremantle Media, IMG, Seven Network, and ESPN. This is her first long-form film as a director and is a topic close to her heart. The co-creator of the film Andrew Gold is a journalist and has presented films for BBC and HBO. His last film about an abusive exorcist won festival awards and was broadcasted by BBC 3. He speaks 5 languages and his work focuses on controversial people and topics he is passionate about.

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