Digital Currency/Electronic Payment: Promote the rapid development of government affairs construction (Abbreviation: DC/EP)

The applications of blockchain change rapidly, and it is gradually realized in many fields such as supply chain finance, asset securitization, and risk management. The innovative approach of “blockchain+government” marks the advent of the “singularity” of the digital government era.

The DC/EP(Digital Currency/Electronic Payment) project team has been engaged in blockchain research, development and application for many years, and has developed a new blockchain electronic payment construction plan for government departments. For the first time, DC/EP combines blockchain and e-government, striving to build an e-government ecosystem with information storage security, resource sharing synchronization, and rapid service response. DC/EP will be applied to official reimbursement, invoice opening, and administrative supervision, thus promoting the escalation of government affairs transparently and efficiently.

The popularity of the digital government is not unrelated to the success of the digital government based on “Internet +” these years. Technically, the blockchain can also significantly promote the operational efficiency of the public management field. Through the application of “blockchain + digital government”, management services for the general public will be popularized. DC/EP exceeds the limitations of time and space, providing the public with comprehensive, multi-level, wide-ranging, high-transparency, normative, high-quality and efficient government management services.

DC/EP, which is led by large Internet companies and the Digital Money Institute, ranks first in the world in blockchain patents. DC/EP is committed to creating an open and comprehensive blockchain payment ecosystem to promote the development of the digital economy, digitize collateral rights, business transactions, and improving transaction efficiency.

In the future, the research team will continue to provide powerful technology to get more attention from investors. DC/EP will always grasp the development direction of the blockchain industry and the digital currency market to ensure the rich returns of investors.

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