Digital Currency/Electronic Payment: Leading the world (Abbreviation: DC/EP)

Today, blockchain has become a very hot topic and various “blockchain +” applications have constantly sprung up. The technological breakthroughs in blockchain bring infinite possibilities for innovation in many areas.

A single spark can start a prairie fire. Blockchain can start a technological revolution.

Blockchain brings a lot of new energy to today’s world, especially encrypted digital currencies. Encrypted digital currencies based on blockchain technology are emerging and have achieved remarkable results in areas such as payment and settlement, securities trading, supply chain finance, insurance, and credit reporting.

DC/EP(Digital Currency/Electronic Payment), which is led by large Internet companies and the Digital Money Institute, ranks first in the world in blockchain patents. DC/EP is building a value network ecosystem that is based on blockchain technology and covers cross-border trade, cross-border settlement, daily consumption, and government affairs. These changes will subvert the traditional payment model and change the retail system.

With the help of blockchain technology, the powerful and stable investment products provided by DC/EP will benefit all users, making the blockchain and daily life closer, thus effectively facilitating people’s lives. At the same time, DC/EP can avoid asset risks brought to multinational companies due to irreversible factors such as politics and economy. Besides, DC/EP will provide government departments with government-proven solutions to promote the transparent and efficient upgrade of government affairs, which will be applied to official reimbursement, invoice opening, and administrative supervision.

DC/EP will provide an efficient blockchain solution for electronic payment construction, enabling seamless connectivity between digital currency and the physical world.  

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