“What the Woof”, a new cool card game for dog lovers

What the Woof is a fun card game themed on dogs which is created as a tribute to our lovely furry friends and all the dog lovers of the world.

Toronto-based copywriter, creative director, game designer and dog-lover Shivani Sharma Del Puerto, just launched a new exciting card game on Kickstarter titled “What the Woof: a dog game for card people.” Family-friendly, friend friendly and kids-friendly, the game is based on the concept of dogs making their territory.

What the Woof is an easy to play card game that can be played with 3-5 players. Inspired by real-life dogs, the game has fun and cute illustrations, some of which are based on dogs in Shivani’s family and friend circle. 

The main objective of the game is to be the dog that marks the most territory. Players get to play action cards such as Bark, Fetch, Squirrel, Angry Cat, Pees-a-Lot and Leash to steal territory cards from other plays. The player who amasses the most territory points at the end of the game is crowned top dog.

“As a passionate dog lover, I have always wanted to create something as an ode to dogs and their parents. I find that while there are a lot of things you can buy for your pet, there aren’t as many games and gifts out there for dog lovers to enjoy outside of decor. I wanted to make What the Woof that one gift that says ‘I understand your love for dogs, because I love them just as much. I wanted more people to think about dogs, the smiles they bring on our faces and for us to enjoy the simple things in life like playing with your friends.’ Dogs do that really well. And thus was born What the Woof,” stated Shivani.

The game contains a heavy ‘Take-that’ element which means that there are a lot of ways to steal cards from other people. It also has a fun memory element where you have to pay attention to where the cards are to maximize the effect of your actions. Kids will be able to sharpen their strategy, memory and social skills by playing the game.

What the Woof is a casual card game with a simple learning curve. As per Sharma, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to learn. The game can be played by 3-5 players and it takes around 20 minutes for one round of the game.

The new dog-themed card game comes in a cute box with a corgi on it which contains 71 cards and one rule book. Players will find 3 types of cards in the game –

  • Territory Cards – the more you have, the better
  • Action Cards – helpful to take you ahead in the game but try to get rid of these cards fast
  • Drop Cards – hold the power to impact the game instantly

“What the Woof is our passion project. You can say, it’s our love letter to all the dog lovers and pet parents out there. We have long been aspiring to create something that will bring a smile to people’s faces instantly. We believe, our new game, with its simple mechanics and fun illustrations, has the ability to break the ice and turn a boring evening into one filled with laughter. We are done with the prototypetesting and results have been excellent. Now, we are looking to print the game and distribute it. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring the game to life and spread puppy-love all over the world.”

Backers will be rewarded with ready-to-print PDF copies of the game, handy discounts on the game, exclusive game cards and the special honor of featuring their dogs in What the Woof illustrations.

To show your support for the game, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/whatthewoof/what-the-woof-a-dog-game-for-card-people?ref=6wdu2v

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