The future world, digital life-wfb: building a global entertainment payment ecosystem

From the beginning of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has received much attention and is considered a revolutionary “spoiler” technology with the same important influence as Internet technology.

Simply put, the blockchain technology generates and authenticates through open blocks (information), establishes and stores information records distributed on the network chain, and associates (chains) through the relationships between the blocks. Thereby achieving the de-/weak center, mediation, changing the interaction process between existing business, society, individuals and machines, and greatly improving the efficiency.


Blockchain technology will change everything in life because it is an interesting channel that allows everyone to choose freely – including bringing happiness, wealth and an unknown understanding of life.

However, if the market continues to maintain the blockchain technology heat and resources, the most effective way is the application and circulation of blockchain encryption digital currency. Only when more people begin to know and use the application tools of blockchain technology, In order to allow more users to participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain encryption Digital currency is booming and is becoming a new form of human currency, increasingly involved in business activities.Various types of digital currency exchanges emerged as the times require, and the scale of transactions grew rapidly. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the application of digital currency, more and more countries and regions have begun to accept digital currency as a payment method. It is foreseeable that there is a broad market for the use of digital currency to pay for commodity transactions worldwide.

The future world is the era of digital life. It is the demand of the times to build a public chain that can carry the future commercial decentralized applications.

Future World Eco-Certification – referred to as wfb, is a pass-through economic eco-network that integrates wallet, payment, trading, entertainment, games, foreign exchange, and wealth management based on the underlying technology of the future world public chain.

WFB’s world-first Gaming plus foreign exchange blockchain has revolutionized the foreign exchange financial transactions of digital assets and the development of the entertainment industry, creating a hundredfold value.

The main chain refers to the latest technology architecture in the current market, using key technologies such as p2p communication technology, dual sidechain, consensus algorithm, digital gateway, smart contract and multi-chain parallelism, which can reduce the number of malicious members in the group members by less than half. Guarantee fair exchange, security, privacy, decentralization and protection against denial of service attacks. The main chain also integrates various technical ecological application scenarios by designing different functional modules to create a virtuous circle of value-added space for platform tokens.Its core features include:

Wallet exchange

The wfb platform is based on the wfb wallet and opens a decentralized exchange. In the decentralized exchange, the user’s assets are directly hosted in the user’s own wallet, greatly reducing the risk of the loss of the user’s assets caused by the stolen or running of the exchange. The matching transactions completed through smart contracts and the settlement and settlement done on the chain have greatly reduced the reliance on the central media while increasing transparency.


Asset certification

Wfb as the main chain token, its maximum energy efficiency is to open up the online entertainment and offline entities and various types of pan-entertainment industry payment channels, to achieve the “token = chip swap = Legal tender” assets pass the path, users based on wfb The system is safe to participate in global entertainment games.

Currency exchange

Based on the digital wallet provided to users, wfb can help users achieve direct exchange of chips-digital assets-Legal tender, and wfb supports legal currency transactions in multiple countries, which can serve users worldwide.

Based on this service support, users can use the digital asset as the central medium through the wfb platform to realize any conversion between tokens and Legal tender and provide users with financial services for consumer entertainment in the world.

Offline payments

The wfb platform is based on a wallet and creates an offline payment channel.Users hold wfb, which can directly purchase shopping in supermarkets, hotels, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. that support wfb payment. In the future, with the expansion of the ecological scale of wfb platform, the offline application of wfb will be more extensive. It is used in many offline scenarios such as paying electricity bills, restaurant bills, subscription magazines, taxi services, and web services.

Digital identity authentication

In the WFB system, we will implement a set of X.509 compatible with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

Standard digital identity standards.Through digital identity resolution mapping with physical assets, assets registered by users through a compliant digital identity are protected by law.

Foreign exchange financial management

Based on the support of wallet services, wfb provides financial management services for a wide range of users. Anyone who holds wfb can participate in the foreign exchange financial investment of platform access. And the user can use wfb payment, circulation, and transaction in the whole platform to be recorded. According to the quantity and use of the user’s use of wfb, the system will give the user a token reward, which will be distributed to the user along with the foreign exchange investment interest, thereby stimulating the user to use wfb. Frequency, promote the ecological development of wfb pass.

According to the official release of the wfb management foundation, wfb will officially launch the online operation in late September, and prepare for the subsequent ecological layout of the main network.

We are convinced that the far-reaching changes in the digital wave brought about by blockchain technology are just beginning.The future world must be the world of digital economy, and business services must be digitized. Digital finance can help us realize the common dream of mankind and build an inclusive and sustainable world. Wfb celebrates this open freedom and new possibilities.

The world is accelerating, and in the next decade of the blockchain, people will see the retreat of cash banknotes and the important value of digital currency and centralization applications. We are grateful to the arrival of this great era and for the prosperity of digital finance. Contribute a force.

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