Never Lose the Charger Again. The Charger Safe secures USB chargers where it’s wanted.

The Charger Safe is a state-of-the-art outlet that will keep your USB charger secured so you can prevent the issue of missing chargers. With The Charger Safe, you will always know where you can charge your phone. 

Nothing is more frustrating than missing chargers when you need to charge your phone or tablet. An Oxford-based tech startup, USB Secured Outlet, has introduced a revolutionary outlet that will keep your USB charger cables fixed and secured. Aptly titled “The Charger Safe,” the product is a patent-pending outlet that will protect chargers from being easily moved here and there.

The Charger Safe is a USB charger outlet with recessed USB ports protected by the outlet faceplate. Once installed, simply remove the faceplate, plug in your iPhone or Android charger, and return the faceplate. Now, your chargers will be secured by The Charger Safe and can’t be moved – unless someone unscrews the faceplate.

Disappearing or missing chargers are a serious nuisance. In today’s tech-driven world, our life revolves around electronic devices like smartphones or tablets that must be charged. Many of us are extremely particular about the proper placement of chargers, so they are easy to find when we need to charge our devices. However, that’s better said than done when you have kids at home, roommates constantly borrowing chargers, and so on. This is where The Charger Safe comes to the rescue, it’s a breakthrough technology to keep your chargers secured.” stated the leading spokesperson from USB Secured Outlet.

The Charger Safe comes with two 2.4 amp high-speed USB ports which are compatible with any USB charging cable. The outlet caters to charging cables for both iPhone and Android devices and also a vast range of additional chargers. The product features a compact design so that it can easily fit into all electrical outlet boxes.

The Charger Safe is ‘the’ solution that will help your charger to stay fixed. It duly prevents issues like missing, lost or disappearing chargers as once the outlet is installed and your charger is plugged into it; you can’t easily take your charger out. 

Apart from residential units, The Charger Safe can be installed in offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, hotels, and more. If a user needs multiple charging points, he can try out the Bundle Pack from USB Secured Outlet and install chargers in different rooms.

“We have had a successful testing phase, and now we are looking for the official production of the first batch of The Charger Safe for the market. We will need to get specialty production molds and submit for UL certification. This process demands a robust financial backing, hence our Kickstarter campaign.”

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