Accelerate fire starting to rocket speed with RocketFire™

Ready. Aim. FIRE. The fastest way to light your ceramic grill, fire pit, or bonfire also just happens to be the most fun.

RocketFire is a fantastic introduction by Vesta Works as the company looks to change the way fire starters are used. Described as “the fastest, most powerful fire starter on the market,” RocketFire is designed for today’s advanced ceramic grills, accelerating fire starting to rocket speed. Vesta Works has launched a fundraising campaign for the product on Kickstarter in a bid to make it available to customers around the United States.

While several brands are offering fire starters, they are often slow, cumbersome, and hard-to-use, leading to a rather frustrating experience for grillers and other such users. This is in addition to many of such solutions being exorbitantly priced and failing to deliver as claimed. However, Vesta Works is looking to change the narrative with the introduction of RocketFire.

“One of the most innovative products I’ve seen for the bbq community. The RocketFire™ is pure genius and amazing.” – Scott Bailey, The Real Show BBQ

Unlike many other fire starters that take a quarter-hour to start a fire, RocketFire enables users to start a fire in minutes. The product contains the thrust to light charcoal and wood fires within just 3 minutes, mitigating the risk of ruining foods or waiting endlessly for the fire pit to get rolling associated with using lighter fluids.

Beautifully sculpted of aluminum, polycarbonate, and stainless steel, RocketFire is designed to ensure durability. Designed to work with modern ceramic grills, the product is ideal for Big Green Egg®, Kamado Joe®, Caliber® and the like, as well as conventional charcoal and wood grills such as Weber® and Charbroil®.

The revolutionary fire starter makes it fun and exciting to light ceramic grill, fire pit, or bonfire, instantly propelling fire through Vesta Works Tri-Flame Cone Tip™ in a microsecond – at the touch of a button.

“The RocketFire™ is the most ingenious product since the smoking tube.” – Jack Scalfani, Cooking with Jack Show

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise a minimum of US$ 100,000 to fund the mass manufacturing of RocketFire

Vesta Works is planning to deliver the first RocketFire torches in time for Father’s Day 2020.

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