CloudBB Enables Users to Enjoy Simplified and Digital Check In-Out Process

CloudBB is proud to present its newest implementation, the novel and polished Check In-Out (also called Sign In-Out) feature to its childcare management platform. CloudBB is always striving to provide an immaculate offering of functionality and service to child-focused businesses of all sizes, while the improved Check In-Out Feature is no exception.

The School Management Software Market 2019-2025 Report shows, the global childcare management software market was valued at approximately USD 155 million in 2018 and is expected to generate revenue of around USD 286 million by the end of 2026, growing at a CAGR of around +8% between 2019 and 2026. In such a fast-moving world, to raise the market share and seize the opportunity, top key players like CloudBB keep rolling out more and more practical features like “digital check in-out” to simplify the administrative after school management process and satisfy more users.

What is Check In-Out Feature?

Ditch the paper rosters and go digital! CloudBB preschool app digitizes check in-out process for both parents and staff. No more printing daily sheets, check in-out has never been so simple. All the information about student attendance can be available to staff, parents and drivers. Staff can check students in-out and track live ratios for every room. Parents can access to secure student check-ins using unique 4-character sign-in PINs and signatures. Drivers can also complete check-in when picking students up. Only one app, but multiple uses for various stakeholders!

How Does Digital Check In-Out Work to Simplify the Childcare Management Process?

For Staff

Staff can check the student in and out, or mark a student as absent quickly using the BB School app. This makes it easier to track live ratios for every room and effectively removes the unnecessary obstacles or trivialities when dealing with administrative childcare management. Therefore, staff can focus more on providing the best care to children.

For Parents

Parents can check in-out children with their digital signatures securely in a reliable way via BB Parent app. By taking advantage of the advanced digital technology, no longer need to fill in the hassle printing check in-out sheets with illegible parent signatures. For example, once parents drop off their children, teachers can lock the device to turn it into a parent self-service kiosk on the BB School app. Parents can further check their children in with their unique PIN, and digitally sign off on tablets or mobile devices at their fingertips.

Surprise! CloudBB recently optimizes the user experience by turning 6-character PIN into 4-character PIN, which efficiently saves users’ time but still provides powerful security.

For Drivers

BB School app helps drivers to have on-the-go access to review their daily pickup task and the roster of students that require a pickup service for the day. The names of children with no need for pickup service on a particular day appear grey in the chart so that the driver can identify them easily. Drivers simply need to click on the child’s name for corresponding check-in. Drivers will also receive notices of last-minute changes on the BB School app and SMS on their mobile devices. To further verify pickup updates, drivers can call school administrators directly from the app. Check-in information will be updated in real time and immediately viewable to parents and school administrators.

Attendance Details

Record and manage attendance along with detailed notes. It supports reports right off the shelf for attendance, total hours, and more. It is not only easy to track each student’s total school hours with pickup status and attendance details, but also flexible to generate invoices for actual pickup services, charges of consumed class hours, and more.

CloudBB empowers administrators to super-charge the child care center by taking care of all operational work and keep parents satisfied at the same time. Its secure check in-out feature keeps in line with its mission, which succeeds in freeing oneself from repetitive tasks. “We have made both check-in and check-out process more convenient and easier than ever with our ‘check in-out’ by the website and mobile application. It obviously furthers CloudBB’s mission to help childcare staff save time, cut out paperwork and connect with parents like never before.” said Martin Sun, the founder of CloudBB, “All we have done and will do always firmly aim to bring an unparalleled experience to each user.”

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CloudBB, the leading provider of child care management software, comes with a lot of powerful features to run your daycare center, after school and summer camp in an innovative and efficient way.

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