Silicone Fusion™ Brand Announces Dermaclara Beauty

Dermaclara, an established brand with clinically-proven skincare products, recently launched its Dermaclara Beauty line. The company stated that this brand is intended to bring anti-aging youth science to millennials.

San Diego, CA – September 18, 2019 – Dermaclara – a Silicone Fusion™ brand in San Diego – recently released its Dermaclara Beauty line. According to the company, these products are specially designed for millennials. Dermaclara mentioned that its Dermaclara Beauty line brings new anti-aging science to a younger generation.

Dermaclara went on to provide further information about Dermaclara Beauty. According to the company, Dermaclara Beauty is based on the discovery – by leading youth scientists – that the use of medical grade silicone on skin creates a microclimate between the silicone patch and the skin. According to the company, this microclimate (called occlusion) helps reduce stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines. Dermaclara announced that this process has also been clinically proven to prevent wrinkles from appearing in the first place.

Dermaclara announced that it has developed a line of products based on this silicone fusion™ technology. The company’s Clarafusepatches are made from 100% medical grade silicone. The company indicated that these products are safe to use, though they should not be applied over open sores or infected areas/rashes on the skin. The company mentioned that it offers Clarafuse for the face, Clarafuse for the body, and a complete face/body Clarafuse package. Dermaclara stated that its other silicone fusion products include Clarasome (a moisturizer), Clarapore (a facial pore-refining and massaging device), Claralips (a collagen-infused serum), and Claraprep (a hydrating cream cleanser) — among others.

Dermaclara stated that it is happy to be able to offer advanced skincare technology to millennials. Dermaclara identified millennials as an underserved population in the skincare industry. Dermaclara said that it hopes to change that industry norm, as younger women have many distinct skincare needs.

Dermaclara closed its announcement by providing some company information. Dermaclara stated that it is dedicated to helping women keep their youth longer. The Dermaclara Beauty line was launched by two young women who wanted to take charge of their own skincare, while helping other millennials in the process.

Dermaclara stated that all of its Dermaclara Beauty products are cruelty-free, and are not tested on animals. Dermaclara also indicated that all of its products are dermatologist-approved and safe to use. Dermaclara described its Dermaclara Beauty products as a permanent solution to wrinkles and stretch marks.

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