Israel’s Top RF Master TriPollar Joins hands with Chinese E-commerce Leaders to Create the Super Brand Day

Israel’s Top RF Master Triporlar will soon release the brand new Multi RF beauty device STOP X.  Cooperating with Chinese E-commerce leader – Tmall, it will hold the new product launch ceremony ‘Connect Two Countries, Create Boundless Young’ in Tel Aviv, Israel and Shanghai, China.

Tmall Beauty Team Gathers in Israel, to Celebrate the New Era of Beauty Device

On August 22, the global E-commerce leader – Tmall team, was invited to participate in TriPollar ‘Connect Two Countries, Create Boundless Young’ ceremony in Tel Aviv, in which the TriPollar STOP X Multi RF beauty device was grand unveiled!

Tmall guests, TriPollar’s executives, Israeli’s skin care experts, local top media, and officials from Foreign Affairs Israel, were all present to celebrate this transnational grand ceremony.

At the event, TriPollar announced the opening of TriPollar Super Brand Day on Tmall would be launched in China as global launch premiere on September 13th, bringing more Israeli top beauty device innovations to Chinese consumers!

Israel’s TOP Beauty Device, new produce named STOP X is a strong attack

Focusing on the development of RF technology, TriPollar continually brings professional technology to a comfort home usage with ‘non-invasive’ method, and helps to rejuvenate collagen.   Over decade investment on RF area, TriPollar device is known in China as ‘Super Anti-age Device’.  It is popular among the celebrities, and KOLs in China.  As key pillar in this TriPollar Super Brand Day on Tmall, new product STOP X will be launched in China on September 13, bringing revolutionary progress in home-use RF beauty device.

Pollogen CEO Mrs.Sharon Ravid said: ‘This year we are celebrating 10 anniversary of TriPollar.  

Every solution we created in the last ten years, whether from clinics, or from home use, has been tried and tested, so we can offer our clients the confidence of well base science, and clinically proven products.  This brand new product STOP X will ensure our consumers at their best status.’

Chinese KOLs Traced to the Source of Israel RF Technology, Live Streaming Israel’s Aesthetical Technology.

In this Israel’s launch event, Chinese top beauty KOL, explored the world’s most advanced RF technology at the TriPollar Israel R&D Center, and vlog the beauty treatments, providing the most authentic RF technology for Chinese users, experiencing Israel’s powerful and professional technology.

Well-known Experts Was Present at the Ceremony and Analyzed the Technology of the New Product STOP X In-depth

Doctor.Verner, a well-known Israeli skin care expert, was present at the event and professionally analyzed the new technology of STOP X, as the fourth generation RF technology.  With the innovative technology, STOP X breaks the current pattern of single frequency and initiates the Multi RF technology.  Within 60 seconds, the whole face can be heated to the golden point – 38℃, helping to renew collagen.  The medical grade stainless steel electrodes generate energy in a wide coverage.  Through the golden triangle rule of temperature, coverage and time, the regeneration of collagen is enhanced continuously.

Tmall guests, and director of the Northeast Asian Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs all attended the ceremony.

Israel is an important hub for the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative promoted by China in the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.  At the new product launch ceremony of TriPollar, director of the Northeast Asian Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affair attended and delivered a speech: ‘We hope that China-Israel cooperation will be deepened for a win-win situation.  For China, economic cooperation can bring greater potential and market.’   Lumenis CEO Mrs. Tzipi Ozer-Armonn said that they would actively promote the deepening of the relationship between China and Israel, promote the continuous development of Israeli high-tech products and bring concrete benefits to Chinese consumer. 

Magic Show unveiled the new product launch ceremony in Shanghai

On September 7th, as the Israeli senior management presented on the Shanghai Ceremony through the ‘Magic Show’.  TriPollar’s Shanghai Ceremony was officially launched.  There were technological interactive experience, showing the innovation highlights of STOP X in all directions.  Tmall guests, Pollogen senior management, various media and beauty KOLs were all present to celebrate the ceremony!

At the same time, the first global spokesperson of TriPollar, Chinese film star Tong Liya was announced.  Through entire event, every detail conveyed the beauty of science, not only has the product brought a new technology surprise, Tong Liya’s appearance became the ‘unexpected bonus’.   Together let’s all celebrating STOP X to embrace ‘A New Era of Beauty’. 


TriPollar Super Brand Day on Tmall is going to trigger a new trend of beauty device

Tmall Super Brand Day is one of Tmall’s most powerful and influential marketing tools for brands.   It rallies all of the resources across Alibaba’s ecosystem in order to create a miniature 11.11 highlighting a single brand.  Tmall Super Brand Day provides brands with the best opportunity to tell their story to and engage with the nearly 700 million Chinese consumers across Alibaba’s platforms.

As the upscale RF beauty device of Israel, TriPollar developes the thematic marketing campaign of ‘Create Boundless Young’ in combination with diversified KOLs and celebrities.  It is assured that the Super Brand Day campaign will become a benchmark of marketing activity in the device category.  

The successful launch of the two-city dual events between Israel and China opened a wonderful prelude to TriPollar Super Brand Day campaign on Tmall.  With the launch of STOP X Multi RF device, the coming of Super Brand Day is surely expected to be with a great success!

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