Application of ALT160Plus large character handheld inkjet printer in prefabricated parts – concrete tube coding

Concrete segments are underground projects, such as prefabricated parts in the inner layer of tunnel lights. The quality of concrete segments is directly related to the overall quality and safety of the tunnel, affecting the waterproof performance and durability of the tunnel. Shield segments are generally stored in the open environment of the construction site. Under the natural conditions such as exposure and rain, the information on the surface of the concrete tube will be blurred, displaced, and faded. It needs to be painted again, which increases the process invisibly.

As ALT160Plus large character handjet printer, it is simple and simple for the identification of shield segments. It is compact and compact in appearance, easy to carry and operate. The body comes with a large LCD touch screen, which can edit and adjust content at any time, and abandon the tradition. A heavy paint marking tool.

In terms of performance, as an industrial-grade handheld inkjet printer, the ALT160 concrete block handjet printer and other manual coder are very different in software and hardware. For hardware, the battery life is up to 16 hours. Ultra-class portable inkjet printer equipment, using high-resolution nozzles, in the face of outdoor high temperature, humidity, dust and other environments, to ensure the stability of the marking equipment, without nozzle wear, corrosion, blockage, etc., so that each time The information of the logo is neat and tidy on the surface of the concrete tube. The ink will not fade and be blurred after a long time of storage, and the content is clearly visible.

The powerful expansion allows the ALT160Plus concrete beam inkjet printer to meet the needs of different marking tasks. It is easy to handle different concrete prefabricated parts on the construction site. CYCJET handheld conctete inkjet printer has wide applicability, in addition to its own touch screen editing. Can use WIFI, Bluetooth, USB or dock with the enterprise management system to achieve real-time printing of dynamic data, regardless of the environment and the shape of the product, so that the logo is simpler and more standardized.

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