Regen SEO is Growing the Stem Cell Industry

Vancouver, BC – Just as the stem cell industry is making waves in the medical field, Regen SEO is helping stem cell clinics grow and reach clients in this emerging, and booming industry. While the FDA and Health Canada have placed several restrictions on stem cell therapy, clinics are still opening and many patients are looking for alternatives to traditional treatment methods.

Previously, various sports injuries like a torn ACL were left with only one treatment option, which was surgery. The negatives of having to undergo surgery include invasive operations, scarring, hospitalization, long term pain medication use, long downtimes and time away from work. With the emergence of stem cell therapy, patients are able to have a quick procedure, that is minimally invasive, and that allows for them to return back to work and physical activity much quicker with great success.

With all of these benefits, a growing number of patients who are suffering from debilitating injuries or diseases are looking for stem cell clinics that may be able to alleviate or heal their conditions. This recent boost in popularity can also be attributed to many celebrities, like Joe Rogan and Mel Gibson, having undergone the procedures with great success. Athletes like Conor McGregor of the UFC have also made use of this new technology, leading to other athletes of all notoriety to consider this treatment for their injuries.

In order to help stem cell clinics attain more clients, Regen SEO established a search engine optimization (SEO) service, specializing exclusively in helping regenerative health clinics reach the top pages of search engines like Google and Bing.

Spokesperson of the company, Andrea Hill, provided an explanation on how their company has helped stem cell clinics gain more exposure and capture market share:

“Being local SEO experts and having a great interest in the medical aspects of stem cells, we decided to create Regen SEO. Our company’s goal is to help clinics attain more clients that are looking for stem cell and PRP injections. These treatments are continuing to grow in popularity each year so we wanted to help clinics capitalize on this trend and to dominate their local area. As of September 2019, we are the first and only SEO agency that specializes in getting stem cell clinics on top of Google and Bing, and we look forward to helping many more clinics worldwide as this industry continues to evolve.”

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