LVN, the first project of ZB UP, sold through the subscription amount exceeding demand by 200% and has risen 33% since trading opened on

On September 16, officially opened LVN trading at 14:00pm (Beijing Time) with an opening price of 0.0075 USDT. According to market data, LVN rose as much as 33% to 0.0119 USDT as of 18:00.

There are two LVN Trading pairs online at this time. The LVN/QC trading pair is arranged in Spot Trading while the LVN/USDT trading pair is located in’s Advanced Market. Within the first four hours of opening, LVN’s total trading volume exceeded 80 million.

On September 12,’s first UP project opened for subscription. LVN, with a total value of $1 million USD available, were offered to subscribers at half price in the market. Less than 4 hours after the opening of the first project of ZB UP, LVN sold through the subscription amount of $1 million USD and exceeded demand by 200%. The subscription was successfully completed by September 15.

Before opened the trading of LVN, Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” tweeted that he was happy to see LVN is about to launch on the trading platform, and that BCH will also connect to LivenPay’s platform as a cryptocurrency payment method. LivenPay’s app is already a great success in Australian markets reaching over 1,000 merchants.

Roger Ver is also the founder of and a leading pioneer in the crypto space having successfully invested in Zcash, Ripple, Bitpay, Binance and other projects.

LivenPay was established in 2015 and is currently used to provide services for users in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, connecting more than 1,000 merchants, with a user based exceeding 500,000. Their immensely popular app (consistently ranking top ten in app stores) enables users to earn rewards through their dining experiences.

ZB UP, the upgraded launchpad on, offers participants access to high quality projects at half-price discounts. UP projects can only be subscribed to by using ZB Token with ZB VIP members enjoying the maximum subscription amount. LVN is the first project of ZB UP. is also its first global digital asset trading platform.

In announcing the successful conclusion of LVN subscription, also announced that the 1,449,333 ZB tokens from the first project of UP sales will be 100% burned. As of 6pm September 16 (Beijing Time), ZB Token’s price has risen more than 5%. In addition, will disclose ZB Token repurchase and destruction information in the third quarter, please pay close attention to the official announcement for details.

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