UnderGents Is Changing the Fact That 70% of Men Are Unhappy with Their Underwear Comfort

Men’s Underwear Can Feel Better, Comfort Not Compression!

Scottsdale – September 18, 2019 – In the world of men’s underwear, there hasn’t been a lot of change in comfort over the past century, until now. The men’s comfort upstart, UnderGents, is changing the paradigm with a comfort-first approach that is gaining traction in the category.

UnderGents develops products for men where the primary quality is comfort and style. UnderGent’s secondary attributes include function, style, & unwavering personality. UnderGents is a brand for the successful, aspirational, and stylish man with a bit an edge, otherwise known as an Everyday Gent. Billy Barba, Chief Executive Officer of UnderGents, said “We believe men find UnderGents underwear the most comfortable underwear they have ever worn and we hope they are inspired every day, hence our flagship styles carry the INSPIRATO name.”

Mr. Barba continued, “In doing research we found and confirmed that over 70% of men are dissatisfied with their current underwear (study from North Carolina State University), and 10% forgo underwear altogether, leaving only 20% of men content with the underwear they are wearing! That’s a lower approval rating than Congress.”

UnderGents has become the 3rd wave in men’s underwear. This 3rd wave focus is all about unbelievable comfort & style underneath. UnderGents believes their evolutionary products are the most comfortable man-friendly men’s underwear brand in the world. Looking back, the 1st wave consisted of low-cost multipack barrier underwear that introduced men to cheap & uncomfortable underwear that provided a barrier between skin and pants (the skid marker). Men remember these as scratchy materials, seams, and irritating tags in the back along with the pulling and bunching as you wore clothes and moved around.

The 2nd wave of men’s underwear introduced a marketing shift to selling how great you’ll look with 6-pack abs. These marketing campaigns featured funky fellas standing around in underwear (standing still was the last time you would be comfortable in these 2nd wave styles). The primary outcome of the 2nd wave was generally women’s fashion houses starting to market underwear to men in the same way they market apparel to women. The problem was, they didn’t realize men really value comfort over fashion and they have hated being forced to sacrifice comfort for a look (these are not $1,000 shoes).

As UnderGents embarked on introducing the 3rd wave of men’s underwear, the Company deconstructed what a man wants in underwear everyday. The result was simple, comfort and style. We took those two factors to heart and began designing men’s underwear for comfort from the ground up versus a mainstream approach of a retail price and cost-down. This meant a revision to boxer briefs, briefs, boxer shorts, and trunks.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/8haxtjVeO_g

We asked men to tell us EXACTLY what they dislike about their current underwear and this is what they told us:

  • Boxer briefs that are too tight and feel like a compression short or cycling short
  • Legs that go down too far and squeeze the thighs
  • Polyester materials that are hot like a furnace down below and they keep the stink even after washing
  • Cotton that bloats with moisture, feels rough, foul odors (yes 30% of men spray cologne down there), and are not very soft.
  • Old fashioned briefs are unflattering and make you look like an old man (in a diaper)
  • Boxer shorts that are bulky, bunch up &don’t fit under new styles of pants
  • Seams across the rear end and crotch that you feel when you walk and sit

3 Ways UnderGents Does Underwear Better

1. Our Unique Material Selection:

UnderGents are made with our unique CloudSoft® micro modalfabric.  This material has a cooling cloud-like feel on the skin, is multiple times softer and cooler than cotton or polyester, has incredible air permeability to keep you cool and dry all day, and is sourced from nature (sustainable). UnderGents CloudSoft fabric doesn’t retain heat or have the harsh chemical elements of many petroleum based micro-fibers and synthetic materials. With UnderGents CloudSoft, men can be cool as a cucumber all day long (or better said, their cucumber will be cool all day long!).

2. Multi-Panel Construction Follows Male Geometry:

Our multi-panel design was inspired by Renaissance Master Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and Vitruvius’s research in human proportion. UnderGents’ multi-panel design follows the geometry of male anatomy and movement. The designs provide the space men need in certain areas, unbelievable flexibility of movement, and support (not compression) that lasts all day and night.

3. Comfort Without Compression:

UnderGents are designed to gently follow the body while never compressing. Men don’t want to feel like they have a cycling short on while they are at work all day. In addition, they don’t think a squeeze or pressure on the anatomy is support, it’s just torture. We used recent research on men’s changing body shapes and sizes to insure UnderGents fits the modern gent as comfortably as possible. You will notice our sizing runs a bit larger than the fashion labels because we sized for everyday men, not models. UnderGents offers Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, & 3XL so every man can be comfortable regardless of his shape & size.

4. Each Style Is Pure & Simple Comfort:

UnderGents’ Boxer Briefs and Trunks are a true blend of a boxer and brief to give you the best of both worlds. Men enjoy the slim fit and feel of a brief with the underneath freedom of a boxer short without the loose bulky fit. UnderGents Modern Brief is designed to be ultra-soft while keeping everything comfortably in place. Mr. Barba further said, “These are not your dad’s old school whitey tighties, but are straightforward comfortable, breathable performance briefs for men in today’s busy world.” UnderGents is also introducing, a new CloudSoft Inspirato boxer short, a slightly longer 6 inch boxer brief with a drop-in fly, as well as a full set of Swagger Lounge Wear that will bring comfort to the whole body.

Barba added, “We’ve done away with the idea that being comfortable is out of reach. That’s why UnderGents is designed to make you feel, function and look like a champ without breaking the bank. If you don’t like being comfortable underneath, then our products are not for you. It’s all about the fit & feel.”

About UnderGents LLC:

UnderGents is engaged in the development and marketing of comfortable men’s underwear and lifestyle products. UnderGents developed the 3rd wave in men’s underwear. UnderGents is insuring the items worn closest to your body are the most comfortable items you wear. With unwavering focus on comfortable function and style, UnderGents are the most comfortable underwear in the world.

For additional information, visit www.undergents.com or  contact Bill Barba, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, at [email protected].

UnderGents is based in Scottsdale, AZ; where cooling, comfortable men’s underwear, is almost as important as water in July.

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