Making the Most of A Indoor Water Feature – Learn How to Design The Space Around It

Indoor water features can make for beautiful focal points that tie your entire corporate space together. Besides being attractive, water walls also fill the space with the soothing sound of trickling water. More and more businesses are beginning to use this form of water feature for their office settings, and you may be jumping on with the idea.

If this is your first time installing an indoor water feature, you may not know precisely how to utilize the space in the finest of ways. There are a ton of brilliant ideas entailed by specialists that you can follow, but it’s best practice to first grab the general concepts behind designing your space around an indoor wall feature before you settle on something permanent.

Here we have dissected and examined some of the ways you can design your space around a custom water feature.

Pair with Plants

A fountain naturally goes well with local flora. You can unquestionably pair it with plants to make it look even better. For water walls specifically, you can integrate climbing vines or flowers, or tall plants that frame the feature.

For indoor features, they can go with both, real or fake plants. If you are after a more authentic look, consider using real flora, that obviously comes with added maintenance. This helps create a more natural ambiance with a glorious smell of greenery.

Add Some Color

Occasionally, indoor features can seem drab, particularly if they’re made of concrete or stone. This is a great opportunity to compliment a pop of color to your corporate setting! For contemporary concrete or stone wall features, you may want to consider painting your walls with bold or bright colors to accent the natural color of the fountain and create an exceptionally appealing look.

Add Some Décor

Surrounding your interior rain curtain with décor adds further color and draw the eye a little more. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it, since that will steal away the look of the water feature itself. Pick décor that complements the appeal of the fountain and use it cautiously in a manner that draws more attention to the setting.

Keep the Room Simple

If your fountain is exceptionally eye-catching, which many of the water features from Modwest Tropical tend to be, then you should let it do all the talking itself. In that case, don’t be afraid to keep the space, unquestionably simple. Sometimes, the less fluff a setting has, the better. That way, you can let the clientele in the space take time to appreciate your glorious water feature and the soothing experience it brings to them.

Do It Your Way

At the end of the day, the way you design the space around your custom water curtain is entirely your decision. Make sure you are content with the way it’s designed. You need to be happy with your space, and if you are, rest assured that you’ll bring in more business with it and your clientele will enjoy your water feature each time they’re around it.

Midwest Tropical – The Smartest Choice When It Comes To Water Features

Midwest Tropical – the inventor of a proprietary sealed and enclosed bubble column tube – created a design that prevents evaporation. Designs from Midwest require no regular maintenance, making this a perfect option for those looking for a low-maintenance indoor water feature. From enhanced aesthetics to a more calming setting, there are so many features to love about a custom vertical chamber bubble wall.

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