The Hottest Markets in America for App Developers Right Now

The Hottest Markets in America for App Developers Right Now
Three US Markets App Developers Should Be Watching Very Carefully

Mobile applications are the industry standard across the nation, and development firms are proliferating at an astonishing rate. This is in part because of the convergence of the global app market, the internet, and the advent of bleeding edge wireless mobile device technology. According to the most recent studies, more than 89% of all software developers are currently operating outside of IT mecca Silicon Valley, and that is a very good thing for people in the industry. 

The demand for apps has become a billion-dollar industry, and while app development is flourishing across all 50 states, there are certain areas of the country where it is very good to be an app developer, or to have an app developed. While these areas may not be as sunny as California, almost 225,000 job openings nationwide with an average salary of over $104,000 offer a wealth of opportunities for enterprising programmers. The fact of the matter is the demand for this high tech, highly skilled workers is greatly outpacing supply. 

The opposite of sunny California, Minneapolis, MN is slowly gaining traction in the app design market even though overall job growth in the area has been below hopes and expectations over the last few years. One of the larger draws for the Minnesota programming market has been the affordable cost of living in the Twin Cities. With median incomes hovering around 60K, the six-figure income of a professional designer makes an inviting destination for programmers, providing they can endure the famously frigid subzero temperatures. 

Philadelphia has become an extremely hot target for programming specialists. The city of brotherly love is fast establishing itself as a rising application design pulse point even as growth among app design markets like New York, Boston, and Washington is beginning to level off. The job market in Philly has been steadily increasing, with an unemployment rate of 8-9% in 2010 that has shriveled to 3.9% in July of 2019. Technology jobs have been driving that employment boom, with technology service jobs offering the highest mean wage, almost $127,000 annually. Of that job growth, software application developers, computer systems analysts and computer programmers have provided the lion’s share. While biotech research and development are poised to present a challenge to the crown in the next few years, app development currently stands alone on the top of Philadelphia’s most lucrative job market.

Once the heart of the American automotive industry, the decline of Detroit, Michigan has been a particularly dark chapter in America’s economic history for decades. But that tide appears to be turning, as Detroit’s tech community becomes the dark horse of US tech startup market growth in 2019. In 2018, 37 Detroit based tech startups generated a total of $358 million, representing a 54% increase over a span of five years. This technology upswing is making Detroit a very attractive place for available programmers to meet rising demand.  

It is the mark of forward-thinking app design companies to invest in any or even all of these potentially profitable markets, as this technology boom shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Savvy design franchise Rootstrap, for instance, is an excellent example of a company that has chosen to plant seeds in all three of these IT markets and then some. Along with blue chip companies and biotech firms, they are positioning themselves at the front of the line for the expected surge in profitability rising from these underappreciated hot spots on the landscape of the IT market.  

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