IAL group works hard at AI+ big data and launches shocking resonance trading system

It’s happening on Wall Street: humans are being replaced by artificial intelligence trading, and traders are facing unprecedented layoffs. In recent years, various industries in the application of artificial intelligence continue to accelerate the pace of exploration. At present, it has realized the use of big data, cloud computing, machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies to analyze data and assist in completing tasks. Especially in the financial industry, artificial intelligence has replaced human transaction execution as the future trend.

The emergence and development of artificial intelligence not only promotes the initiative and intelligence of financial institutions in providing services, effectively improves the efficiency of financial services, but also improves the risk management and control ability of financial institutions, and has a positive impact on the innovative development of the financial industry. In the future, artificial intelligence will continue to drive the upgrade and efficiency of intelligent applications in the financial industry.

IAL group is a professional financial transaction service provider. It is doing a global layout, and after years of building artificial intelligence transaction mode, it has formed a unique forex investment system. After years of research and development, combined with artificial intelligence and big data analysis, the group successfully launched the resonance trading system, and achieved ideal performance through two and a half years of real-time trading.

It combines artificial risk control and intelligent ordering, core technology using deep machine learning technology. It upgrades itself by analyzing identifying capturing researching and self learning the large data of global foreign exchange market transactions. Through quantitative cloud computing trend of global currency, intelligent and full time transaction of a basket of currencies to predict price movements and generate trading signals of various currencies. It has five big advantages of independent analysis, custom trading strategy, basing on large data analysis, automatic transactions and self-improvement.

IAL group is committed to providing global customers with the best financial solutions and quality services, as well as providing all aspects of financial education courses and first-class customer service.The group is a powerful team composed of a group of professional fund managers, risk controllers, etc. In the future, the business school will be established to provide certificates, professional knowledge services and one-stop training services for courses.

At the same time, IAL group launched the white label plan to provide each partner with technical support and create their own brand, build a loyal customer base, open an independent background settlement account and other comprehensive protection.Al group will build a solid long-term marketing plan for more countries and regions, combined with local needs, to provide more comprehensive financial foreign exchange services.

The company tenet to establish a financial services is rapidly gathering members and trading data. As the group growing, business expanding, the market expanding, within two years, membership has achieved ideal state and has squeezed into top ten of Asia Pacific financial services company, and planned on NASDAQ listing application.

With the support of various financial associations, IAL group holds a global financial lecture tour and improves its international network, with the aim of accelerating the expansion of market share, realizing economies of scale and diversification strategy, and becoming a leading foreign exchange product trading enterprise in the world.

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