CPCD consumer chain globally recruits 19 nodes and divides 20 million US dollars

Since the introduction of blockchain technology, governments and all walks of life have given great attention and extensive attention. The blockchain will bring a revolutionary social change to the world and has become a firm consensus in the industry. 2018 is the most intense year for the public chain. Various public chain teams have proposed blockchain 3.0 solutions. However, the road to the public chain is not as easy as imagined. Most public chain projects are stagnant due to technical difficulties. 

Based on the world’s top technical team and years of experience in public chain development, CPCD consumer chain has taken the lead in realizing the technical solutions of fragmentation and sub-chain, solving the impossible triangle problem of security, high performance and expandability, and truly supporting large Commercial scale.


The development background of CPCD

CPCD was born in the Tel Aviv blockchain CPCD fund and XRP fund in Israel. After 7 years of research and research on modern human consumption behavior and transaction currency, the data was developed and advanced cloud computing language was used to study AI intelligent big data. Capture technology, capture and calculate the behavior of human clothing, food, housing, travel and entertainment in advance, and increase the spread and profit margin for consumer behavior, thus giving more concessions and conveniences to consumers.

It is with such a strong foundation company that CPCD breaks the barriers to global integration by building consensus and achieving a world without borders. Founded on the Internet, CPCD has three characteristics: open source code, total amount limit, and decentralization. It exists on the Internet and never disappears.


CPCD has strong AI technical support

CPCD’s AI intelligent data array is derived from Israel’s well-known AI company Leadspace. CPCD uses Leadspace’s core AI intelligent database analysis to provide intelligent analysis protection between blocks.

CPCD is born for global integration, providing the ultimate solution for future consumption, innovating the blockchain of the world consumer industry, allowing transactions to truly return to the commercial essence and driving the development of international trade. At present, CPCD officially opened the international market, and a number of blockchain community organizations from the United States, Britain, Israel, Russia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other countries have responded to the plan.


CPCD consumer chain globally recruits 19 nodes and divides 20 million US dollars

The CPCD consumer chain has the vision of “building the world’s first ecological chain” and has the decision-making power of the grand blueprint. CPCD Fund and XRP Fund invite the preferred communities in the world to carry out CPCD ecological co-construction to jointly promote the new financial era of the consumer chain.

The open recruitment plan is unprecedented. According to reliable information, one of the indicators participating in this node election only needs to complete 1,000 free registration members within a specified time, and can participate in the node election, and divide 20 million US dollars together.


CPCD–Global Integrated AI Consumption Ecology Chain

The CPCD consumer chain is a global integrated AI consumer eco-chain. It is a safe, fair and intelligent aggregated consumer chain ecosystem service platform based on DPOS+ hash function SHA-2 and hash value locking technology. 

The positioning of the CPCD consumer chain node is a global ecological co-constructor, which means that everyone participates in ecological construction. In addition to the rights, the nodes can also participate in the formulation and management of relevant asset rules, prioritize the development progress and planning information of the CPCD consumption chain, and prioritize participation in relevant business cooperation.


It is more important to choose who to walk with than to choose a distant place. We are willing to grow together with the nodes to jointly build the world’s first ecological public chain.

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Global Recruitment will be grandly opened, so stay tuned!

– CPCD Consumer Chain Foundation

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