The O Factors’ Jennelle Gordon, Debuts Online Dance Om Yoga Boot Camp

Irvine, CA – Sep 19, 2019 – Jennelle Gordon, founder of Beyond Freedom International and O’Factors, announced the launch of her six-week Dance Om Online Yoga Movement Therapy Boot Camp. The yoga workout focuses on helping women form a deeper connection with their feminine selves through diving into four archetypes.

“One of my missions is to spread awareness of the epidemic of sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and assault,” said Gordon. “This form of dance movement therapy has been created to help women get back into their bodies after they’ve experienced sexual abuse or even help women who have felt repressed and haven’t been able to connect to their femininity since they’ve been busy as a boss babe, high-level executive or CEO, or working mother.”

Dance Om Yoga fuses the spirituality of yoga and the sensuality of Tantra. During the six-week Dance Om Yoga Boot Camp, participants will learn the Dance Om methodology, how to incorporate it into their daily lives, and how to discover the four Archetypes.

“Jennelle has a diverse background in the healing of the body. She has taken the art of yoga and that of Tantra to a whole new level. For those of us who were hesitant or unsure of what “tantra would entail” Jennelle has made it safe, fun and powerful. In fact, I would call it Omazing!” – Stephanie B. Nielsen, Pharm.D., CCN.

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Also included will be six bonus O’Factors lessons encompassing topics ranging from organic nutrition to organized Zen living. Individuals will receive a $1,000 coupon off to an O’Factors LIVE Intimate Retreat in 2019, exclusive VIP live stream access to future Dance Om Workshops, and all Live Dance Om Recordings.

“I recommend every woman try this class with Jennelle and take their energy to the next level,” said Deidre Pujols, vice-president of the Pujols Family Foundation.

Gordon is a survivor of more than 10 years of sex trafficking and founded the Beyond Freedom International non-profit organization to increase awareness of sex trafficking, provide aid to survivors, and works to end the practice. One of the ways she accomplishes that goal is through helping victims rebuild their lives once they’re freed.

The launch of the Dance Om Online Yoga Movement Therapy Boot Camp provides women with the means to reconnect with themselves. Gordon uses her vast experience to simplify ancient techniques and teach people how to incorporate transformative practices into their everyday life to better understand themselves.

“After one session with her, I felt more connected with my body than I have ever felt before in my life.” – Kelly Anderson Berkeley, Miami Writer.

About Jennelle Gordon

Jennelle Gordon is the founder of Beyond Freedom International and O’Factors. She’s an, author, educator, and inspirational speaker and has studied Tantra and yoga with masters in Thailand after enduring over 10 years of abuse and being sex trafficked. She developed Dance Om, an integrative form of dance therapy and is helping other survivors heal holistically from their trauma and rebuild their lives. 

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