The Truth of German JOHNHANCOCK Smart Flask Revealed by Doctor of Japanese Medical College

“No diet, no food taboo, 4 glasses of water a day can easily lose 10 kg.” This may sound strange at first glance, but a German detox slimming cup called John Hancock JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup has made it a reality. Recently, Lin Xiuguang, a doctor of medicine specializing in water from Kobe University School of Medicine in Japan, explained the secret in a lecture: fat can be decomposed by weakly basic small molecule group water, and drinking weakly basic small molecule group water can achieve the effect of slimming.

Drinking water can resist oxidation and reduce weight.

Germany’s JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup magnetizes actress, and this cup has attracted attention.

According to the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents, adults need to supplement 1500-1700ml of water every day to meet the water requirements of the human body. This is exactly the amount of almost four glasses of water, and when the drinker finds out that these four glasses of daily essential water can make him or her thinner and thinner, he or she must be very happy.

Some time ago, a German product named JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup came on the market in China and quickly became popular. Its effect of slimming by drinking water is known as “black technology” in the slimming field, and the claim that drinking water can resist oxidation and beautify has attracted much attention. Entertainment circle actresses including Bao Wenjing and Rayza have been attracted to this magic cup. More and more beauty-loving women have begun to pay attention to this magic cup, which claims to detoxify and slim down by drinking water.

“I have used it for one month and feel much better and more hydrated than before.” Qi Ying (not her real name) is an internet celebrity talent. She told reporters that since using the JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup, her frequency of applying facial mask has decreased. “In the past, in order to keep the skin smooth and tender, the facial mask was applied every day, and the skin immediately returned to its original shape as soon as it stopped. However, after using this JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup, the most obvious change is that the number of defecations per day is more regular. Now even if the facial mask is applied every few days, the skin can always maintain its best condition.” She said she was shocked by the magic effect of this detox slimming cup. “This month there is no diet, greasy also ate a lot, not only didn’t grow fat but thin. I think there must be some credit for this cup. “

The reporter learned that although this weight loss cup is frequently magnetize in China People, however, “after the cup became famous, there were a lot of controversies,” and many people, while expecting its slimming effect, also had doubts about its claim of drinking water to slim down. This cup, which claims to be slimming by drinking water every day, is described by many as collecting “IQ tax”.

Japan’s Doctor Tells the Truth

Weak alkaline small molecule group water turns out to be a whitening and body shaping matters

What is the weight loss effect of the popular JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup on the internet? Reporters found that according to official public information, the bottom of JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup is made of small particles fully pressed from Alps ancient ore. Ordinary water with a temperature of about 50 degrees can be poured into JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup and become “slimming water” rich in trace elements within 20 minutes.

The reporter learned that JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup, which is popular in China, was jointly developed by a famous German university and JOHNHANCOCK, a local technology company, which took eight years. During this period, scientists and professors involved in the research and development continued to experiment, and finally found that Alps ancient ore has an unusual relationship with water. “Water reacts with Alps ancient ore as soon as it meets. Water is micro-electrolyzed by the ore to form H+ and OH-, and then forms a number of small molecular aggregates. After determination, these small molecular aggregates become weakly alkaline.” Doctor Ulrich, a professor involved in the experimental research and development, said publicly in an interview with local TV stations.

In fact, Lin Xiuguang, a doctor of medicine specializing in water at Kobe University School of Medicine in Japan, wrote in his best-selling book “Died of water” long ago, “Even people who live irregularly do not have to work hard to implement the method of “restricting intake”. Instead, they only need to ingest alkaline small molecular group water and work hard to implement the method of” promoting discharge. “He also mentioned that the most valuable water for the body is weak alkaline small molecule group water. After drinking weak alkaline small molecule group water, fat will be decomposed. When water cluster is small enough, the activities of intestinal microorganisms will become active and the nutrition metabolism will be more vigorous.

Not long ago, Dr. Lin Xiuguang said publicly in a university lecture: “If there is a medium that can decompose water into several alkaline small molecular aggregates, then after drinking it, the human body will be able to dissolve the residues and toxic and harmful substances that have remained in cells for a long time, emulsify the excess cholesterol and triglycerides in blood, and expel them out of the body through its own metabolism to achieve the effect of losing weight.”

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