Cleantastic™ is Experienced in all Sectors of Commercial Cleaning

Melbourne, Australia – Sep 19, 2019 – Commercial enterprises are held to strict rules concerning cleaning and sanitation measures and it’s an area in which Cleantastic™ excels. The company has highly-trained professionals that are experts at commercial cleaning and the high standards required in multiple environments.

Commercial and office cleaning is available for companies of any size. A clean workplace environment has a positive effect on revenues and worker productivity. It demonstrates to potential clients that a business cares about its image, reputation, and clientele.

One of the most common sources of student illness and absences is the spread of bacteria and viruses in the classroom. Cleantastic™ provides kindergarten and childcare centre cleaning and disinfecting that inhibits the spread of communicable conditions.

Medical cleaning and similar environments that require an elevated level of sanitation are a specialty at Cleantastic™. The company is well-versed in the requirements needed to provide a safe and hygienic environment that acts as a barrier to illness and contamination.

Gymnasiums, fitness centers, and yoga studios have experienced an increase in business as more people adopt a healthier lifestyle. They’re also prime locations for the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Cleantastic™ provides all types of gym and fitness cleaning that leaves businesses an attractive and disinfected space to get fit.

The restaurant and hospitality industry must be clean and present an aesthetically pleasing appearance at all times. The professionals at Cleantastic™ have an eye for detail that has made the company one of the most highly sought for hospitality and restaurant cleaning within the industry.

Childcare cleaning, car dealerships, government buildings, and retail businesses are all enterprises that will benefit from professional cleaning services. Cleantastic™ provides efficient, effective and affordable cleaning options for any need.

The cleaning company has experience in all sectors of commercial cleaning. Rates start at just $45 per visit and can be performed at a variety of intervals and according to a schedule that best serves the needs of each client. The company offers the Cleantastic™ Performance Guarantee, along with free, no-obligation online quotes for complete convenience.

About Cleantastic™

Cleantastic™ has over 20 years of commercial cleaning experience and serves more than 5,000 clients worldwide.

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