E-bikes and Electric Scooters Are Wheeling in a Transport Revolution

Electric bikes and scooters have been growing in popularity around the world recently, creating a new and flourishing micro mobility industry. While Asia and Europe are leading the way, Canadian cities are no strangers to this either. Due to their versatility, being easy-to-use and most importantly, the environmental benefits, people of all ages have been dropping their cars and public transport passes in favour of e-bikes and electric scooters.

A number of international studies have been looking into this. One specific one conducted in the UK has shown that electric scooters have the potential to cut journey times by up to 70% in comparison with cars. Another has come to even suggest that they can are to beat electric cars in terms of lessening traffic congestion.

Epic Cycles is on mission to encourage uptake among Canadians

Epic Cycles has been working for nearly a decade to find the right recipe for innovation in electric bicycles and scooters, and they are now ready to bring it to as many Canadians as possible.

“Transportation is so important in our modern age. It has now evolved to be more than just getting from place A to place B. It’s actually embedded in every part of our society and with increased urbanization and a rising climate threat, people have been turning away from cars and other transportation means and finally embracing cycling and scootering more. Our company has anticipated this shift and we embarked on a journey from early on to ensure that when it will happen, we will have the right product out there on which people can rely everyday”, explained a key spokesperson for Epic Cycles.

Which Canadian cities are at the forefront?

There are a number of Canadian cities already known as cycling ones. The city of Vancouver has more residents riding to work than in any other major city from across the country with the number having increased from just over 4% in 2016 to 6.1% in 2017, and over half of all residents (56%) saying they are interested in cycling more often.

Other cities such as Calgary, Edmonton or Montreal also have programs for electric bicycles and scooters up and running. The growing trend has also given birth to a new business opportunity for rental companies which is why Epic Cycles says it’s even more important than ever to be able to rely on the quality of these products in an affordable way.

About Epic Cycles

Driven by a purpose to offering a green solution to travel, Epic Cycles has been focused on creating the ideal design for electric bicycles and scooters that can suit any situation. Whether it’s for a student rushing to get to classes, a business person looking to decrease their carbon footprint, a parent picking up their kids from school or an older person going shopping, the Epic Cycles products promise to make every journey safe, convenient and fun.

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