Creative Biolabs: Knowledgeable Expert on One-stop Single Domain Antibody Solutions

New York, US – September 19, 2019 – Creative Biolabs, a single domain antibody (sdAb) expert with a reliable reputation accumulated by years of efforts, releases comprehensive one-stop sdAb solutions, entirely covering each specific step of the whole process.

Single domain antibody (sdAb) is generally comprised of a single monomeric variable antibody domain, characterized by simple production and high affinity with a small size, allowing a wide range of pharmaceutical applications and providing novel potentials for the treatment of various diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease.

In compliance with a standard laboratory guideline, scientists at Creative Biolabs have established a series of pathways for target-specific sdAbs development based on a proprietary discovery platform.

During Phase I, the early stage for discovery, a list of target identification process can be prepared in terms of clients’ requirements. After in silico sequence of targets, the skillful technicians will design and prepare the antigen for the needs of sdAbs discovery. Then, multiple immunization strategies are provided, such as DNA immunization, whole cell immunization and sites immunization, to generate sdAbs from various host animals, such as llama, alpaca, camel and shark, which can be subdivided into immune library based sdAb discovery and polyclonal sdAb discovery. Meanwhile, a variety of premade sdAb libraries offers clients the most time-saving approach.

At the second stage, a series of typical custom sdAbs characterization services, including but not limited to functional screening, affinity measurement, stability evaluation, are performed to provide valuable information for further development of sdAb candidates. The functional screening service includes binding assays, immunomodulation assessments, neutralizing assay, Fc profiling, endocytosis & internalization assays, cell proliferation assays. The affinity measurement services are provided based on the latest technologies, such as bio-layer interference (BLI) and surface plasmon resonance (SPR). The physical stability (thermodynamic stability) and chemical stability (proteolytic stability) are evaluated according to different evaluation strategies.

For the sake of a high-quality development of sdAbs, Creative Biolabs has established a complete system including multivalent sdAb development, sdAv affinity maturation, sdAb conjugation. The development of multivalent sdAb can help clients obtain alternative formats of sdAbs with unique properties, for instance, increased avidity, extended half-life.

At the final stage of one-stop sdAb development solution, a custom recombinant sdAb production service is available for customers to generate the appropriate sdAb by different constructs, expression systems, fusion tags, and labels under either GLP or GMP standard. At the same time, Creative Biolabs also provides perfect stable cell lines construction services, featured by high reproducibility and yield of over g/L, one-stop service with full customization, high-efficient cell line with high stability.

In addition to the conventional sdAb development services, experts at Creative Biolabs are also proficient at novel sdAb development to tailor and perform the most suitable plan, in which sdAb-Drug Conjugate Development and sdAb-based CART Development are two most popular services.

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As one of the well-recognized service providers, Creative Biolabs always sticks to the Customer-first Principle and goal-oriented philosophy to serve clients all over the world. The one-stop discovery platforms developed by Creative Biolabs enable the novel sdAb discovery as research tool, therapeutic candidate, or diagnostic reagent. From the target identification to the final IND-enabling, Creative Biolabs has the capability to enable customers to free up time for core work and project. Furthermore, the subsequent sdAb development and characterization services can further meet the diverse needs of customers.

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