5 tips for choosing a roof cleaning company in McDonough GA

5 tips for choosing a roof cleaning company in McDonough GA
Your roof is dirty. Here are 5 tips for picking the right roof cleaning contractor in McDonough GA.

What should you loof for before hiring a McDonough roof cleaning company?

Homeowners that are thinking of selling their should listen closely to Jeremy Cassell, the owner of JSC Pressure Washing. He owns a power washing company in McDonough GA.

How does your McDonough home look from the street as people drive by? Dark ugly stains can hurt curb appeal! For a few hundred dollars you can sell your home quicker and for less money by cleaning thoise dark streaks. In the first part of this series Jeremy shared 3 tips on how to select a roof pressure washing company in McDonough GA.

How will they protect your garden?

Jeremy warns of the dangers that come from roof cleaning. He tells us that roof washing chemicals can harm your garden. “Extra care must be taken to protect bushes, flowers, and vegetable gardens. Cover them with plastic tarps and use extra care when using chemicals in these areas. Do they offer you the option of cleaning your roof with biodegradable chemicals that won’t harm your bushes and plants? It’s true that these environmentally safe chemicals cost more to treat a roof, but it’s a lot less money than replacing all of your bushes, flowers, and plants.”

Remember to protect your pets.

“It’s best to keep your animals inside your home while you’re having your roof cleaned. The mist from the chemicals used can hurt your animal’s lungs. The chemicals that are washed off of your roof can harm your animal’s feet. The same goes for children! Make sure they have shoes on, no bare feet allowed. Keep them indoors while [the workers] spray your roof.”

Do they have liability insurance?

Respectfully ask to see proof of insurance from your McDonough power washing company. Check the date of coverage make sure that it’s up-to-date. An outdated insurance policy isn’t going to help you if they cause an accident at your house. Jeremy said they should have a $1 million liability policy. “Accidents can easily happen when using a pressure washer with 4000 PSI at 88 gallons per minute. A window can break easily if you’re not paying attention to where you’re working.”

How reputable are they?

“Check Google for reviews,” Jeremy suggested. “I’ve been doing this almost 10 years now. Every year the competition grow stronger. Unfortunately, there are many fly-by-night companies out there that want to wash your roof. So, take the time to check them out.”

Beware of damaging cedar shakes and cedar siding!

“Sometimes while [I’m] washing the roof the homeowner will ask me to wash their siding also. Do you have cedar siding? It’s important that pressure washing cedar siding is done perfectly with the grain. An experienced McDonough power washing company understands this. But an inexperienced person with a Home Depot pressure washer will wash it any old way. In the end, you’ll get splintering and you’ll see lines and indentations on every board. You will not be happy with what you paid for. It always cost less to go with a contractor that is experienced and has a good reputation.”

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