Rafaela Mceachin Announces Two Epic Novels About Her Life, Lessons, And Journeys, To Inspire The Next Generation

Rafaela Mceachin Announces Two Epic Novels About Her Life, Lessons, And Journeys, To Inspire The Next Generation
Author, music label owner, and philanthropist, Rafaela McEachin is helping other people learn valuable life lessons with her novels. The two books which are part of a series of five are currently selling on multiple online book stores

Atlanta, GA – Rafaela McEachin, author, philanthropist, and music label owner, is sharing her personal life and experience in two books already published. Rafaela is a believer in the idea that society is built when people learn from one another with the intention to become progressive and successful.

The books titled “The Many Hats of Woman” and “Living in a Glass House” are the first two of a series of five that are currently selling on multiple online book stores.

Readers will learn a lot from reading these books written by a well-known author and philanthropist and will get to understand the lessons and journeys that will capture imaginations for generations to come.

Rafaela also has a record label which has been around since 2011. She has top quality talents who stand out because of the anointing of GOD on their music and career.

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Rafaela’s books are a powerful narrative of how anyone with desire and commitment can overcome all the odds to become successful in life. She is someone who has seen it all and now using her experience to bless both the young and old to learn from her.

Every bit of information contained in the books has been written from the perspective of an individual who fought hard to inspire herself during tough times. Studies show that many people learn from reading the personal experiences of other people and the books by Rafaela will further prove that to be true.

Facilitating positive action is the key to the success of this great woman of value and class. She never at any time in her life backed down to challenges but always tapped into her strengths. Understanding what it takes to get points across has become a mission for this global entrepreneur.

My Father’s House Records will be participating in a couple of up and coming events including, The 70’s Players Ball, The Gospel Festival, Valentine Red Carpeted walk, The Many Hats Of a Women seminar, and Hats off to you dad. They are currently looking to sign more inspirational/Gospel artists on their label.

For more information, please contact 718-213-3484, [email protected], or visit www.Myfathershouserecords.com.

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