Distributed private cloud device The Fun Storage by lightning fund tens of millions of dollars strategic investment

Recently, the secure distributed family storage device Fun Storage announced that  has received tens of millions of dollars in strategic investment. The investor is the Singapore Lightning Foundation which is adopting the way capital and resources. It is understood that this round of financing will be mainly used for team building, market expansion, block-chain technology iteration and optimization of intelligent hardware.

Founded in July 2019, Fun Storage is committed to R&D private cloud storage and block-chain technologies. Fun Storage is a private cloud device that uses block-chain technology. It has remote access, WeChat Internet, multi-person sharing, mobile phone backup, multi-end intercommunication, 4K entertainment and other functions. Users who purchase Fun Storage can join the mutual benefit plan to share the idle bandwidth, the storage space and computing power of the interesting storage, and obtain the digital token SSDcoin.

The Fun Storage project eco-network is based on the current lastest distributed network technology, Lightning SN. Lightning SN is the underlying protocol for 5G storage. It was released to the world by  Lightning Protocol Lab in June 2019, which is based on the solid state disk lightning storage network underling the 5G era. Lightning SN was one of them the most popular technology in the block-chain industry. 5G storage and 5G transmission represented by Lightning SN, and 5G computing are called three major 5G basic technologies. Lightning SN is committed to providing safe, efficient and private distributed storage services to 3 billion people around the world. It combines broad block-chain storage network with SSDcoin as an incentive mechanism and a 5G high-speed network to achieve high-speed distributed storage and establish shared storage ecosystem of Block-chain 4.0.

The Fun Storage hopes to build a decentralized Shared storage ecology based on Lightning SN network block chain technology. The Fun Storage can be used as a cloud storage center for individuals, families, small and micro businesses. Users can install 1T or 2T built-in hard disks according to their actual needs, and carry out safe and high-speed backup, storage, or data acquisition and download anytime and anywhere. Users can manage through the Fun Storage App and share data across multiple terminals on any mobile phone, computer, game console, smart TV or other devices.

In the private cloud track, participants also have thunder playing cloud, storm video sow cool cloud and so on. In contrast, the Fun Storage has the advantage of widespread distributed storage network, based on the whole new high-speed cloud storage and sharing field, and is the first cloud ecology supported by 5G technology as the core network.

The Fun Storage has a unique idea in the aspects of blockchain technology and storage ecology, which can provide integrated solutions for Fun Storage. In the future, the Fun Storage will dig deep into the digital currency mining machine market and promote the pace of private cloud equipment innovation. The mining machine and mines, exchanges and blockchain medium and small media in the next three years will have high-speed development potential. From the perspective of investment, the Fun Storage meets the needs of people under the reform of blockchain and has a broad market prospect.

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