GetMyPackage Logistics Network Secures $10M in Funding To Expand Network and Cloud Based Logistics Software

Having secured over $10M during its latest funding round, GetMyPackage Logistics Network is prepared to continue expanding its in-house shipping network and cloud-based logistics software. Such expansions will allow customers to maximize cost savings and more effectively engage in international shipping practices.

FL, UNITED STATES  GetMyPackage Logistics Network LLC, an online shipping and logistics network, has secured more than $10M in funding for development of its private logistics network and cloud-based logistics software. This funding will allow the company to better serve its customers, lower overall shipping costs, and engage in global shipping channels via its domestic networks.

In today’s marketplace economy, strong competition means many physical goods are cheaper when purchased in the U.S. and shipped domestically within. Unfortunately, many American businesses do not process international orders and shipments due to cost limitations, But with GetMyPackage Logistics Network’s shipping and delivery logistics network, shipping domestically and saving money, as a result, has never been easier.

With GetMyPackage Logistics Network, customers can use a valid in-network U.S. postal addresses for shipping and receiving packages. Goods delivered to the address are then passed to the customer. In the process, the customer realizes savings of up to 75 percent on shipping and handling costs.

Loved by customers for its economy and comfort, savings are felt right at the door. Such service makes international and bulk shipping affordable and hassle-free. With GetMyPackage Logistics Network, purchase quality products for less from online retailers, including eBay and Amazon, and have those items delivered right to your door after processing through GetMyPackage Logistics Networks in-house logistics network.

Flexible payment options and terms are available. For more information on GetMyPackage Logistics Network, or to sign-up for free, please visit

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