ABK, the world’s first eco-incubation exchange launched

Recently, ABK’s global digital asset trading platform was launched with a grand vision and top R&D Team.   


There are full of opportunities to create a new era in the modern society. The blockchain has been recognized by the world, and with the rapid development of the digital economy, the industries and application technologies associated with digital assets continue to rise. The time price difference of digital assets and the exchange transactions and derivatives transactions between different digital assets are mostly based on the digital asset trading platform. As a key player in the blockchain industry, the digital asset trading platform links the primary and secondary markets of digital currency, and is almost the only bridge between project and blockchain investors, and holds the absolute voice of the blockchain industry.


The ABK Exchange was initiated by the ABKCC Foundation. The founding team was formed by members of the Amazon team of blockchain R&D technology. The ABK Exchange is committed to providing users with professional, safe and convenient currency transactions, leveraged wealth management, and smart contracts. And Eco-coin Incubation Trading Service is the world’s leading digital asset derivatives trading platform. ABKC Incubation Laboratory is committed to providing a new environment of openness, symbiosis and innovation to provide funding, technology and consulting for eco-currency entering the incubation park.

Supporting professional services such as listing, providing consultants for technical experts from different regions, and providing rich operation, corporate governance, project management and other resources for the incubation project, helping the blockchain project to steadily and quickly advance business aspirations as soon as possible. ABK Exchange is headquartered in Singapore. Committed to building a top digital asset trading platform based on domestic and international, internationally oriented. It is planned to set up operation centers in many countries and regions around the world to better meet the service needs of global users and to expand the global market more efficiently and comprehensively.

ABK’s Mission Vision:

ABK Exchange and many of the world’s largest digital asset trading platforms become core strategic partners, sharing user traffic, operational experience, core technologies and building a global trading ecosystem. ABK is the first in the blockchain field to propose resource integration, big ecological incubation, innovative theory, precise service and use of the bank’s financial defense system. From the underlying security architecture design to the hot and cold wallet deployment, all the top international expert teams are responsible for ensuring a safer trading platform. ABK’s advanced concept And the “nanny” service model has won wide recognition from the society, and at the same time established a platform to encourage the coin incentive mechanism. ABKC token is a digital ecological incubation created by the ABKCC Foundation and the former US Amazon blockchain technology R&D core members. The system, through the consensus mechanism to establish a win-win situation, create a hundred times value feedback to community members, has now launched the ABK ecological incubator exchange around the world, recruiting elite shareholders in China to recruit talents, ABK welcomes you to join them in the splendid journey.

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