Commercial Truck Repairs Call for an ASE Certified Technician

Commercial Truck Repairs Call for an ASE Certified Technician

No matter what type of auto repair shop you go into, you are bound to see a collection of acronyms next to the names of the mechanics who work there. But the most important one to look out for are the initials ASE. But what exactly does ASE mean?

The initials ASE stand for Automotive Service Excellence. This means that the technicians are required to keep up on the latest technologies. They are not allowed to simply fall back on old and outdated techniques. Reputable shops such as Ferguson Truck Center are always staffed with ASE certified automobile technicians.

The main benefit that an auto owner can expect from using an ASE certified tech is that you know they have undergone at least two years of formal training. Mechanics all have to start at the beginner level but you probably don’t want a mechanic who is simply using your much-beloved vehicle as a learning experience.

If ASE certified technicians are so great, how do they become certified? Here is the basic process: First off, they must study for and pass a very stringent test. They are tested on every conceivable type of automotive system, even ones they may not necessarily encounter. They must also put in at least two years’ worth of training on the job before they are allowed to be considered certified. In addition to these qualifications, they must possess a degree in automotive repair.

Obviously, not every mechanic you come across will be ASE certified. The main reason for this is because the test is a very difficult one to take. Among the topics they are tested on to become employable at high-quality repair shops such as are air conditioning systems, heating systems, brakes, drive trains, suspension systems, complete engine repair, transmission systems, and even transaxles.

It has been estimated that a full one-third of those who take the ASE certification test will fail it. So, it is wise to note that those who do pass the test are obviously very well-qualified. Once the mechanic has passed the test, they must proceed to re-take the test every 5 years so that they can prove they are keeping up on the constantly changing technologies of the automotive world. For more info, click here now.

It is also true that ASE certified mechanics are cheaper in the long run than those mechanics who are not certified. This is because it will take the non-certified mechanic much longer to figure things out and get the job done than a certified mechanic will know exactly what to do almost right away. The ASE certified mechanic may charge more upfront but they will get the job done quicker and more efficiently.

As you can see, there are some very strong reasons as to why you will want to use a mechanic who is certified versus one who is not. The best decision you can make for your car is to use supremely qualified technicians.

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