Nanodri Europe presents the worlds’ first heat relief hybrid shirt that combine Japanese technology and Scandinavian design

Nanodri is the world’s first heat relief hybrid shirt that utilizes Japanese nanotechnology to keep it cool and comfortable. For those who hate to have those annoying and embarrassing sweat stains and t-shirts that are soaked with sweat causing discomfort, will be delighted to know that the brand new Nanodri hybrid shirt prevents sweat stains, stays odor-free and allows the wearer to feel cool, fresh and comfortable.

Whether you’re traveling, riding a bike to work, spending a beach day in the sun, or shuffling through airport, this hybrid shirt will ensure that you stay sweat-free to look and feel great. In addition, it is made using a special woven material which means it doesn’t need to be washed frequently, saving the user their precious time and energy on laundry.

Nanodri hybrid shirt may be the best heat relief apparel that people around the world may have been looking for. Especially, the ones from countries that experience hot weather most part of the year, can wear this unique hybrid shirt to tackle the prickling heat. Here’s what makes this hybrid shirt stand apart from the regular t-shirts:

  1. The micro-perforated inner layer ensures moisture is efficiently diffused and doesn’t escape to the exterior which means no visible stains. The hydrophobic inner layer of the hybrid shirt is antibacterial to keep the wearer odor-free. This shirt is designed with these highly functional features throughout the whole shirt and not just a few parts, providing the wearer with full coverage, comfort, and confidence throughout the whole day.
  2. The Nanodri hybrid shirt also features a hydrophobic liquid blocking outer layer to repel most liquids and stains. It also makes it easier to wash off any stains like water, wine, and coffee. Made using soft, breathable fabric, this shirt keeps the wearer cool without sticking or clamping their body.

Moreover, the Nanodri hybrid shirt is lightweight and versatile. It is designed to be worn as a t-shirt or an undershirt. The interested individuals have the option to choose between Vneck or Crew neck, black or white, slim fit or regular fit for men or women.

The Nanodri hybrid shirt is available for a super early price via the Kickstarter campaign.

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