Ayo Jeremiah Urges Businesses to Hire a Business Coach in 2020

The Woodlands, TX, USA – Digital Marketing Guru and founder of Leoserv Inc., Ayo Jeremiah offers profitable tips for business growth.

2019 is almost in our rear view with just about 100 days left for its expiration. 2020 promises a fresh start and with this fresh start of a New Year, you definitely should aspire to grow in business. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a corporate professional, you have probably experienced that feeling of needing help, guidance or direction. This help could come in many forms which may include outsourcing, books, online articles, or seeking help from others. However, there comes a point where stagnation sets in and you realize that you can only take yourself so far without expert help. We spoke to Ayo Jeremiah, a thriving business owner, speaker and mentor in the Greater Houston, TX area and as a business coach, he sat with us to provide the following insights that are necessary to break through the barriers that you are facing by simply consulting or hiring a business coach.

Ayo Jeremiah – Think of a business coach as an entrepreneur’s psychologist, life coach, business mentor, and personal trainer all combined together. A business coach can help you develop a business plan, execute on your idea, and help you make your business model profitable and successful. A business coach can also act as an impartial judge for your ideas and can help you diagnose issues within your organization if and when they arise. I even go further to help my clients with digital and social media marketing, sales, success tips, outsourcing, recruiting and project management. Just as the saying goes that two heads are better than one, sometimes it takes someone that has been in your shoes or has the expertise and acumen to help strategize and implement your goals successfully. I always tell people that family, friends, books, social media, YouTube and quick results apps can only get you so far. Believe me when I say that there is a science and an art to ingenuity. This ingenuity could start with you, but it takes the “right” coach and mentor to help make the necessary connections, illuminate the path and unlock brilliant revelations towards your success. As a Business Coach myself, my number goal is to clear the monotonous chaos from your mind, strategy and lifestyle so that you can see your vision clearly. You will constantly hear me say “YOUR FEET CAN NEVER TAKE YOU WHERE YOUR EYES CAN’T SEE.”

Ayo Jeremiah goes on to provide 7 reasons to hire a coach and they are:

1. A Coach can help you see the big picture. While you see apples, a coach will see a apple trees.

2. A Coach will make you stay in the game while focusing on your our long-term strategies.

3. A Coach will push you to work harder as well as providing guidance on ultimately working smarter.

4. A Coach will be your biggest critic and strongest fan.

5. A Coach will give you small pointers that results in greater wins based on years of experience.

6. A Coach will listen and has only your success and best interest in heart.

7. A Coach such as Ayo Jeremiah will even go as far as being your marketing manager, helping you boost sales, training coordinator, your partner, your confidant, your mentor, your friend and do everything in their power and will to help make your dreams come true.

Book Ayo Jeremiah today and learn more on his website by visiting https://ayojeremiah.com.

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