Brando Chiesa – Tattoo Artist and Illustrator Makes Tattoo that Last Forever

Brando Chiesa - Tattoo Artist and Illustrator Makes Tattoo that Last Forever

Florence, Italy – 20th September, 2019 – A young and versatile tattoo artist with a keen interest in fashion and arts is drastically changing Italy’s Tattoo industry. Currently based in Florence Italy, Brando spends most of his time focusing on his work and searching for new inspiration and experience.

“The inspiration for my tattoo drawings can come from anything… I like to experiment! I think you can achieve what you want if you really go for it and give your best!” well said by Brando Cheisa. That’s not all – you can inspire and influence people with your ideas and thoughts at the click of a button. Yes, the Tattoo industry has built an empire of influencers, who are icons in their own niche and relate to the masses in an effective manner.


One such name that will keep coming to mind for beautiful and ever-lasting tattoos in the Italy is Brando Cheisa. Looking at the fact that Brando has held extensive portfolios that paved the way for varied media coverage for his work, he now seems to be a force to reckon with in the industry for many years to come. This notable achievement so far for Brando and his team simply portrays the fact that his career as a Tattoo artist is at its prime. Brando Cheisa is stepping up the career goals in the Tattoo world and he is not looking back. 

According to a recent interview by Justine Morrow from Hentai magazine, they testified about Brando’s abilities by saying “From an early age Allan has been into all sorts of art, like drawing and painting. It’s through the lens that every day he sees a different world. He has realized that he didn’t choose this career it has always been part of him. The thing about Brando Cheisa’s work is not just the alluring sensuality, the vivid tones, or the perfect balance each piece is endowed with. It’s the authenticity and powerful emotional quality behind each eye-candy worthy creation”.

When asked about the brainchild behind his career Brando had this to say “Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to live in a creative/artistic world and more specifically I wanted to fully immerse myself in the drawing discipline. I feel fortunate enough to live and breathe this great passion of mine”.

Brando Cheisa tattoo style shows beautiful detailed still-lives, emits distinctive emotive influence over the viewer, kidnapping their senses and whisking one’s imagination into dreamlike realms.

Join Brando Cheisa as he takes over the scene in 2019 and sets up his forever reign in tattoo industry for the future to follow. As long as he is breathing the city of Florence will always love his works.

About Brando Cheisa


Brando Cheisa is known to be a reputable Florence based talented and ambitious Tattoo artist with an impressive portfolio, spanning and ever growing customer base across Italy and globe. From a young age, he has been involved with arts, including drawing and paintings. His mission is to be the most trusted Tattoo artist ever to be known in Florence, Italy.

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