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Your teenager has a sports injury and needs the best treatment. Sometimes Active youth and teens require top-notch sports medicine care. You’ve investigated the difference between a sports medicine physician and physical therapist. A physical therapy physically manipulates the body to improve a patient’s strength, flexibility, function and overall wellness and health. A sports specialist works in the area of sports and exercise medicine. says they evaluate, examine, diagnose and treat sports-related injuries. Before you go to a helpful site to find a sports medicine specialist, it’s important to know how to choose one.

Look for a Sports Medicine Specialist who is Heavily Networked

Sports medicine specialists usually work together. Thus, you want a specialist who has a large network of orthopedic surgeons that he refers your teen to, if needed. This means that you have the best shoulder specialist and surgeons working to treat and repair your teen’s sports injury.

Look for a Shoulder Specialist Who Specializes in Sports Medicine

Not all shoulder specialists spend a vast amount of time treating sports-related injuries. After all, sports medicine is a sub-specialty. To be recognized as a sports medicine specialist, it takes about 12 to 13 years of sports medicine training. Thus, when looking on sites such as ShoulderMD, it’s important to look for shoulder specialists who have a sports medicine subspecialty.

Know the Number of Years the Specialist has had a Practice

Experience isn’t everything. However, it is on the list of choosing a shoulder specialist who specializes in sports medicine. Experienced is gained through practice. A specialist practices by working and treating patients. The more experienced they are, the better for your teen, because the more they will know how to diagnose more complicated injuries.

How much experience do you think is needed? Well, you want your specialist to have at least four years in a high-volume shoulder and/or sports medicine practice. This will provide more experience than a specialist who is in a low-volume clinic who does work with or treat professional athletes.

Ask about the Shoulder Specialist’s Client Roster

Client rosters are important. Why? It can be a good indication that the shoulder specialist has a good public reputation and trust of other parents. It actually sizes up the specialist’s network surgeons, experience and specialization.

Choose the Right Sports Medicine Specialist

Your teenager is an athlete. So, you know it’s important to have the right coach and the right equipment for your teenager. Your teen also needs the right sports medicine specialist to help them. They also need to feel comfortable with the specialist that you choose.This will help them perform at their optimal level. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right specialist.

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