London, UK – PayQ is all set to revolutionize the e-commerce industry by introducing new and innovative payment processing solutions for online merchants (via merchant account), enabling them to send and receive payments globally. PayQ has been successfully generating over a million US Dollar in monthly transactional revenue.

PayQ’s CEO and the founder, Shibabrata Bhaumik has very high ambitions regarding his venture. In his words: “We are blazing a trail of innovation and leading the payment industry, especially in the high-risk business portfolio like Airlines, Pharmacy, Online IT-based businesses & Hotel Booking. Our success is widespread and well known which we have achieved in a very short span of time by penetrating the major markets. At this stage, even I won’t be able to evaluate the actual worth of PayQ, it might be much more pricy than it has been evaluated as on date.” This is the reason why recently, this company declined a massive financial merger with the top 5 US Fintech giant, the inhouse team reports the merger was estimated at $10.8 Million.

“Just look at my history – when founding PayQ, I was roundly dismissed… there’s no future in e-commerce, they would say; it’s not a profession that’s going to be conducive to an honest, worthwhile living. But looking at us now and the indicative amount of daily transactional volume, we are helping thousands of clients in expanding their businesses worldwide and make their digital payment solutions easier than ever before, and it all started from small origins,” said Shibabrata.

He continues, some might consider it as an overnight success, PayQ did not reach a multimillion-dollar net worth instantaneously. However, it involves a lot of perseverance, teamwork and strong-rooted dedication in developing a payment platform that can process multiple payments across the globe in a fraction of second in an absolute seamless environment. Every business has its peaks and valleys, but with more opportunities, you’ll have higher peaks and fewer valleys.

As recorded by UK Financial conduct, PayQ is processing 60 Million USD annually across the globe and is estimated to reach 100 Million USD in the next fiscal year, establishing itself as the dominant financial global company which may qualify for a Nasdaq listing if the company goes public by this year-end.

Witnessing the phenomenal success and exponentially growing company, it might not be wrong to say the decision of declining the merger was very thoughtful and astutely certain.

Shibabrata says it is not only about making money, it’s more about the passion for how the team is working day and night to grow PayQ. It is the energy and emotional investment that we have capitalized on PayQ to what we have developed it so far and we are still evolving and integrating it with new technologies and multiple banking partners worldwide.

My aim is to reach every part of the world and touch their local payment system along with the general payment methods like Visa, Master Card or Amex. I wish to make PayQ the most convenient payment gateway for the masses.

What we do is very unique with our state of the art technology, which is all in-house without outsourcing anything outside PayQ periphery, in addition to that our payment platform is multilingual, multi-currency, our processing engine is one of the best in payment company which is proficient to process endless payments in every fraction of second seamlessly and swifter than any traditional banks.

Our business acquiring team and underwriter can accommodate most of the businesses based on their business structure, which the traditional banks or Fintech Giants decline to onboard.

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