World’s FIRST All-in-One electric bike WHEEL launches on Indiegogo

E-rim Wheel is an innovative AI Electric-powered bike wheel that can turn your idle bike into a hybrid electric vehicle in just one swap of a wheel. 

Good news for all those who are struggling to get a new e-bike due to the usual expensive price tag. A Taiwan-based tech company, E-rim Technology has launched the world’s FIRST All-in-One electric bike wheel on Indiegogo that can transform your regular bike into an e-bike in just minutes and that too at a fraction of cost. Titled “E-rim Wheel,” the revolutionary wheel is an AI Electric-powered bike wheel that you can easily install in place of your bike front wheel to turn your bike into a hybrid electric vehicle.

The AI Electric-powered E-rim bike wheel assures a highly intuitive and easily usable technology that helps the wheel to work seamlessly with you as you pedal. Equipped with a patent-pending hub motor, the wheel also promises Q.R. Skewer Tool-less replacement in just 1 minute. When fitted with E-rim wheel, your bike can cover a solid range of 45+ km. The innovative wheel also ensures limited assist @6-25km per hour.

“We are excited to bring to you the FIRST ever All-in-One electric bike wheel. In light of the burning global warming issues today, eco-friendly electric bikes are the need of the hour. However, these green e-bikes cost thousands of bucks which becomes unaffordable for many. Naturally, a lot of people are apprehensive of getting e-bikes fearing high costs. But not anymore! Our breakthrough AI Electric-powered E-rim bike wheel will help you to upcycle your old regular bike into an eco-friendly e-bike in no more than 1 minute. And while a new e-bike can cost a small fortune, our E-rim wheel will enable you to switch to green electric transportation in less than $500”, stated Herman C. C. Huang, seasoned analog I.C. design engineer and the man behind E-rim Technology.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to transform your regular bike into e-bike with E-rim wheel:

  • Get the E-rim wheel and replace your bikes’ front wheel with it
  • Then, plug & play to enjoy more miles and faster speed

Backed by advanced Pedelec Hybrid Drive Technology, the E-rim does not need any app, any irritating setup and even any additional sensors and wires.

The E-rim wheel boasts a powerful combination of A.I., gyroscope, and accelerometer, which enables it to continuously analyze all road conditions and send that data to the motor. It allows the motor to apply electric assist just as per the specific road conditions where the bike is riding. 

“Our E-rim wheel can automatically add power assist in real-time while encountering a hill. The wheel is also powered with regenerative function.  While you will ride downhill, E-rim’s in-built hub motor will act as a generator and fuel battery with energy.”

Speaking further, Mr. Huang mentioned the state of the art features of E-rim wheel-

  • High-efficiency and lightweight Bldc Motor
  • Durable, powerful 18650 battery
  • Turns idle bike into an eco-friendly vehicle
  • Assistive but still a bicycle
  • Allows your bike to cover more distance every day yet with less effort
  • Balances two cyclists with varying abilities and fitness
  • Suitable for people who can’t ride regular bikes for injuries, asthma, back pain or knee pain

“E-rim wheel shows the way for the alternative green transportation need to keep our planet safe. We have worked with the best of manufacturers to ensure a world-class product. At present, we are looking for mass production and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring E-rim wheel to life and make the world a better place to live in.”

Backers will be supported with handy discounts on various versions of E-rim wheel.

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