For Gamers by Gamers: A Digital Agency is Taking Streaming to the Next Level

September 23, 2019 – Plantation, Florida – A&P Creative, a digital marketing agency specializing in creating engaging social media content and digital strategies, creates subdivision A&P Gaming. Made by gamers for gamers, A&P Gaming will aim to provide marketing services to live streamers across the United States. Specializing in the creation of branded visuals, engaging social media, and video content, A&P Gaming will be one of the first companies to enter into this space.

Founded on the vision of Kelvin & Dayanna Ramirez, A&P Gaming is set to be kicking off their division by offering a few service sponsorships within the live steaming community at Twitch Con in mid-September. Built on the idea that the power of social media and strategic marketing can help aid many streamers achieve their dreams of amping up their stats and community engagement, A&P Gaming will work with streamers to help creates avenues for growing and ultimately monetizing their streams.

As stated by Kelvin Ramirez, Cofounder of A&P Creative/A&P Gaming, “our parents used to tell us that it was important to stop playing video games and “get a real job” and it’s amazing to reflect back on that and see how much this has changed since then.” Dayanna Ramirez, Cofounder of A&P Creative/A&P Gaming added, “In this day and age, live-streaming platforms like Twitch, Discord, Facebook Live, and YouTube live have enabled gamers to share their passions with others; taking their favorite games and playing them live and in competitive tournaments for the world to see. We’ve come a long way in the past decade with these platforms and this new division will allow us to aid streamers in their dedication to stream full time.”

Building engaging communities and teams is just a small part of the world of streaming and A&P Gaming promises to aid players in building up their ranks, stats, and in finding ways of creatively growing and navigating the world of eSports, sponsorships, donations, in-kind support, merch and more.

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